The world misses me. I know. Sorry, world, I’ve been out.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way.

I live in the cheerful, weather-lottery state of Vermont, formerly its own magical fairlyland Republic, long before Texas made it cool (true fact!). The great thing about living here is accessibility to bored nerds who have formed their own bizarre culture of board games, videogames, comics,  Star Trek, cosplay, role-play, and more! The downside: pick your weather out of a hat. It could be anything. Also, use a really cool hat!

A lot has happened since I dropped off the planet (I learned the hard way: the Earth is flat!) try and stay out of the sun while you read this list, you could get skin cancer (and I’m spiteful!).

  • I was invited to be a guest panelist in This sweet Three Moves Ahead podcast! You like games, you should listen to it, it’s way better than listening to Rush Limbaugh! We talk about how weird it is that girls play videogames, Bayonetta, and also strategy gaming. If you’re into strategy keep up with Flash of Steel and their aforementioned podcast, it’s a great way to do the community thing.
  • I started writing at but so far, I’ve only written a couple of pieces (you can find links on the sidebar by clicking “ Articles“) . They have some really smart people writing, plus you can keep up with news and not have to deal with sensationalism in game journalism.
  • I have Lyme Disease. Ticks bite you, you get sick. It’s a bitch. Mostly it sucks (har, har) because I’ve had to prioritize my health and I let CAKEPIE.COM slide!!! What the fuck is wrong with me?!! On the good side, I’m starting to feel a bit better, I hope you can look forward to more writing!

I love bullet points! They’re marginally better than numbered lists!

Thanks for reading, also thanks for commenting. I appreciate my small, but fantastically attractive community. Seriously, do you model?

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One Response to “Winter Wanker!”

  1. kelly Says:

    🙂 Welcome Back. We missed you. I was wondering if you ever wanting to talk about comic books. Lately they have started coming more of a political statement, and having political agendas. One of the latest developments is a anti-tax comment that was in a Marvel comic.

    Should comics today have any political agenda? Should spiderman have saved Obama from the chameleon? Should marvel have an internal war for superheros who dont want to get registered? (which in my mind is similar to what america has talked about doing with every american with the civilian card?) I look forward to your comments.


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Dated: 8th February 2010
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