I’ve set up swaps twice now, though like a jerkbag I’ve mostly been receiving swaps because I suck and I haven’t mailed my stuff on time. One was with Natasha from Confessions of a Skincare Junkie (Samples Swap), and the other was with Eva from Bunnykisskawaii ($20USD/$20Euro Swap). I sent Natasha my package so I totally don’t suck anymore, and tomorrow I’ll show you what I got from Natasha (she sent me TWO lovely packages, actually). But today, let’s reveal the glorious awesomeness that I got from sweetiepie Eva.

Click here to see what I sent to Eva!!

We had originally set this swap up MONTHS ago, but due to my unpredictable illness, and her CROSS-COUNTRY move (Greece to Northern Ireland) we kinda took our time. I like that we did it that way because I got to have more time selecting great stuff to send out (: If you’re like me and hate being rushed, I recommend lots of time as a swap tactic!

For the swap we agreed on spending $20 (USD for me, Euro for Eva), but it seems apparent that Eva was a bad, bad girl and spoiled the absolute crap out of me (don’t worry Eva, I think I did more than $20USD too >_> so it’s really okay!). We originally were going to include a lot of awesome nail polishes but apparently you can’t do that anymore >: Neither USPS nor Royal Mail allow that, and I was gonna be a rebel and totally defy that rule (eff the police, and whatnot) but Eva said that if we sent it and our packages were x-rayed or discovered to have nail polish they could be destroyed >: I relented to be lawful-good this time.

ON to the SWEETNESS!!!

image is a photo of the total contents of the swap from Eva from bunnykisskawaii. There's a ton of stuff, lots of makeup, eyeshadow palettes, asian beauty samples, stationary, and randomness.
The products Eva sent me, in all their splendor.

image is a photo of two hello kitty eyeshadow quads from sanrio. They are shaped like hello kitty and they have pink blue and orange graphic art. The cases themselves are white. The one on the left is a black, brown, grey, and light tan quad, the one on the right is a brown, plum, amethyst, light tan quad. There is text in pink added to the photo that reads: Cute Cute Cute!!
Oh man, she totally knows about my Hello Kitty weakness. Aren’t these shadow quads cool? I love the graphic art. [Left: “This show ain’t ova”, Right: “Pretty punk”]

image is a photo of vaseline limited edition pink bubbly lip therapy. it comes in a round tin, the product is a waxy fair pink. the packaging is half black and half pale pink, the font has a standard boring font for the vaseline word but pretty calligraphy style font for the pink bubbly word. A phrase has been added into the photo, it reads: This smells like my childhood
When I was a kid I got some kind of doll that came with it’s own perfume. I swear it smelled just like this Vaseline Lip Therapy. Not the kind of smell I usually go for (kinda flowery) but the nostalgia makes it fun! Oh and especially nice because despite all the goo I hoard, I had nothing therapeutic for my dry lips until now!

image is a photo of three products. The two on top are the body shop born lippy lip butters in raspberry (fuchsia) and passionberry (purple). Both of those have giant cartoon lip graphics. The third item is the body shop white musk libertine solid perfume. it comes in a heart shape tin and it is pretty light pink with white lettering.
The White Musk Libertine Solid Perfume is a sweet gift in a sweet heart, how cute is this? Oh and I got a set of these lippies (5 I think) to give to friends for the holidays, but this is great because now I have some I can keep ^_^ [All from The Body Shop]

Image is a photo of two eye makeup palettes and one bronzer quad from Makeup Academy. They are in a black case and the eyeshadows are in circular pans. The bronzer is in a square with each of the shades in a square shape. The shadow palette on top is called Heaven and Earth, the shadow set on the bottom is called Glitter ball.
I almost ordered these exact shadow palettes a while back, I wanted to try out MUA and I have an eyeshadow problem (I have too many). The Glitter Ball palette is all glittery (duh, right?) perfect for a German Sparkle Party!! I gave the bronzer set a little go, and so far I enjoy the top left and bottom right as nice highlighters. I’m stupid at bronzing but maybe this will learn me. [All from Makeup Academy Professional]

image is a photo of two products, on top is a coral-color lip gloss and the bottom product is a sky blue eye pencil, both are from Barry M.
Okay so I know this gloss is totally a “pink” (Passion Pink #11) but I couldn’t help but see coral a bit. As for that eye pencil (Sky Blue #16), I like pastels a lot, if only spring would get here (: [Both from Barry M.]

Image is a photo of a comparison between the Barry M lipgloss in pink passion and the sephora lip stain in coral. The sephora color is discontinued and the barry m lipgloss is a little pinker but they are similar colors.
Don’t these look similar you guys?? I miss this Sephora lipstain (coral) so much, it was such the perfect color, and it brightened up my face so much. Old Man Cakepie shakes her fist and gripes: “Dang you Sephora for discontinuing my favorite color!”

Image is a photo of korean beauty products, mostly from etude house. The right there are three green tea sheet masks, and on the left is a small bottle of tear eye liner which is pearly white. Below these there are tiny little circle pellets, they are blank sheet masks but look like little candies.
So glad to get sheet masks (Green Tea)! I haven’t tried Etude House masks yet, this will be fun! The Tear Eye Liner (#01 I think) is also from Etude, this is so glittery! Oh and guys, I bet most of you won’t know what those little “pellets” are, but they’re blank sheet masks! You soak them in whatever you want (some people use glycerin, soak them in asian toner, essence, or serum) and wear them My Beauty Diary-style. [Blank masks are from Maggier]

Image is a photo of two black charcoal masks, one for the chin and one for the nose. The one on the right is by etude house and is for the chin, it's a pink package with a cute girl graphic. The one on the right is by nesura and is a small white package with a graphic of a redheaded lady wearing a nose pack.
I don’t officially hate charcoal black masks just because I had a bad time with the last one (read about that for your amusement), but I will take care using these two packs! [Nose pack from Nesura; chin pack from Etude House]

Image is a photo of several stationary goods. On the left there are three stacks of chococat themed note paper, light brown, peach, and light pink. On the right there is a cute notebook with an owl print. And below that is two sheets of hello kitty themed white stationary paper.
CHOCOCAT, so cute right? I just found out about Chococat today ^_^ What a great Sanrio character. All of the stacks on the left are note papers featuring the curious little kitty. You can also see that awesome owl pattern notebook, I was glad to get this because I was looking for a small notebook but I’m picky about covers, they have to be cute or awesome and this is a little of both. Also, you guys can’t read my letter sorry ^_^

Image is a photo of the owl notebook opened. The inside is white and the pages are lined. Added to the photo are words that read: Write sweet and awesome things here. A heart is also added to the bottom of the page and isn't a normal part of the picture.
Inside the book is normal.

Image is a photo of the beauty samples from korea. Most are from etude house, but two are from missha and one is from skinfood. Pore products, cleansers, serums and more.
I love all of these samples and I can’t wait to try them, especially the Moistfull Collagen Peeling Wash and Skinfood Peach Sake Pore Serum!! [Top two rows are all Etude House, the bottom left two products are Missha, and the bottom right is from Skinfood]

Isn’t this such an awesome, sweet, amazing pack of gifts? I was so impressed and grateful, it’s like Eva is inside my mind! I hope you love your package too Eva ^_^ thank you again for knowing what to get me (:
Have any of you guys ever done a swap? What was it like?

For those who are interested in swaps there’s a swap thread going on in the Asian Beauty Subreddit (don’t be intimidated by reddit!!) you can find that here, so please post your own right there if you’re looking to do a swap too ^_^

Hope you liked this post, let me know in the comments what you think is most interesting and I’ll try to review it! You’ll see some requested reviews THIS week (Lipsi face powder, some more items from my Body Shop haul, and if I’m not too sick I can finally get to the Coastal Scents palettes this month!) so even if I take a while to review a product understand that I will always get to it so be patient with my sick body ^_^

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23 Responses to “Today’s Package is: Swap from Eva in the UK!”

  1. Megan Says:

    I totally want those palettes D:

    SO CUTE!


  2. Eva Says:

    I’m sooo happy you liked the things I sent you !! I was worried! But now I’m happy ^^) I’m looking forward to your package! I’m sure everything will be lovely! Also you can take your time ^^)xxx


    Tiffany Martin Reply:

    Oh I was so happy!! You totally spoiled me (: Glad to tell you your package is in the mail though, so I hope when you get it you’re just as excited as I am ^_^

    Thank you again for reading my mind ^_^


  3. Natasha Says:

    OOOH! Those Hello Kitty palettes are da bomb! Kawaii!

    Just got your package and am jumping up and down! Yippee! Thanks so much!


    Tiffany Martin Reply:

    You did get it!?!! Awesome ^_^ I saw the post on your site, and I’m glad you like, I wish now that I had sent you a few more things, but I got new samples AFTER I mailed everything… such is life eh?

    I have been sick with a miserable cold >: I can’t wait to post my pics of your packages to me ^_^ I am so thankful I have awesome blogger friends like you ^_^


  4. Renae Says:

    How fun is this?! Everything is amazing, you are such a lucky duck! I’m totally in love with the owl notebook. The Body Shop’s White Musk is a lovely scent!

    I am jealoussssss~


    Tiffany Martin Reply:


    I feel SO LUCKY, thanks, isn’t this fun?? Swaps rule you guys.

    I am not usually a fan of flower scents but the white musk is rather mild, so I’m gonna try it and see if it can convert me (:


  5. Yuna Says:

    ooh so many cute stuffs *o*


    Tiffany Martin Reply:


    Right!?! It’s like she can read my mind (: I love cute things!


  6. erika Says:

    I need those eyeshadows!!! Gorgeous:D


    Tiffany Martin Reply:


    I found the hello kitty shadows on superdrug’s website. I’ll post links here:

    Pretty punk:

    This show ain’t ova:

    ^_^ Sweet


  7. Nancy H. Says:

    Awesome swap! The HK palettes are soooo adorable!


    Tiffany Martin Reply:


    I love them, they’re so adorable, now I want to own every one ^_^ (must… not… buy everything)


  8. Bethany Says:

    I love the idea of swaps, but I haven’t done one yet. It’s tricky, because $20 in AUS will get you like… one mascara. ๐Ÿ˜› So, it’d be hard to make things fair and even for the person receiving. But yeah, I really hope to give it a go some time. Nothing like receiving a mystery parcel. *o*

    I was eyeing the Milk Talk body wash a while ago. I’d love to hear your thoughts on that.


    Tiffany Martin Reply:


    I have heard that in Australia your makeup is all ridiculously expensive. I wonder if you might be able to do a swap with someone anyway, maybe get creative? I know you have a few brands only available in AU, or you could also swap with another AU blogger (:

    It also was so fun for us because Eva and I have such close taste, so I think we knew what to get, it could be tricky if you don’t know the other person too well.

    Oh those milk talk washes look so cute and I can’t wait to smell it ^_^ MMM DELICIOUS SCENTS!!


  9. Magic Chic Says:

    Lucky girl! ๐Ÿ˜‰ So many wonderful items to try out, I know you’re having fun with them!


    Tiffany Martin Reply:

    Magic Chic,

    I definitely am! I feel super lucky, and so grateful to Eva for spoiling me so generously ^_^


  10. Arya Says:

    really awesome stuff and with freebies!!!


    Tiffany Martin Reply:


    Isn’t everything so cool!! I couldn’t believe what a sweetheart Eva was for sending me so many good items ^_^


  11. Chloe Says:

    this is such a great idea! love the look of the MUA glitter palette!

    ร  la foliee


    Tiffany Martin Reply:


    It was definitely fun, I recommend makeup swaps!!

    I haven’t tried the MUA palettes yet, waiting to use up some more before trying them (too many palettes!!)~



  12. Tiffany Says:

    If you ever want to swap with someone in America, I have tons of Korean samples (over 60 different KINDS) and I love receiving samples too. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Tiffany Martin Reply:


    Wow thank you sweetie! I may just take you up on that. I love your site, btw, you and I seem to have similar tastes!

    (You look so pretty and cool!)~

    If you don’t already know about the reddit group, you should check us out, we’re at http://www.reddit.com/r/AsianBeauty/ come say hi and share your reviews ^_^


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