One of the coolest things about having your own blog is being able to say whatever you like. Apparently that’s the cool thing about being a “news journalist”.

The main concern here is not about saving the children, it’s not how VERY realistic a game is, it’s not the worry of  “assimilating killing people” (although that’s precious), the main concern here is that people with alternate reality syndrome  have been trying to kill just about everything awesome since always.

It’s a true fact that you could buy a mature-rated game as an adult consumer and place it in your family home. If you don’t lock up the controller batteries with your firearm ammunition, any child in your home could play it (unless you’re actually parenting). Assuming you aren’t, I don’t think Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is the biggest concern in regard to your child’s upbringing.

Furthermore, our culture loves to attract children away from the so-called wastefulness of videogaming and into the mind-expansion and education of learning by way of reading books. Five of the ten most controversial books on this list were taught as curriculum for my public high school education. I, and the rest of my classmates have been exposed to drug use, sex, suicide, anarchy, torture, rape, murder, terrorism, ridiculous amounts of profanity, not to mention over 200 uses of the word “nigger” in a single novel; all through the power of reading.

I’m not suggesting censorship. I really liked most of the five books, as their masterful storytelling impacts a mind within the safety of pages, rather than through the harsh reality of living these experiences. This is some quality literature! Any child can walk into any bookstore and purchase exposure worse than you’d find in videogames. Flashy pictures on the screen make it no more impactful.

We’re not getting rid of naughty books, we won’t hold back naughty comics, and we haven’t thrown away all our naughty television shows, music, and movies. Media bashing is nothing new: in 1805 Beethoven’s Fidelio was banned and censored. People will always try to blame stupid behavior on media influences.

The debate about realism is always stupid. Ten years ago there were games that are nothing but pixelated shit today that people at the time considered far too realistic to sell. See Mortal Kombat, Doom, and amusingly enough Death Race if you want to see what culture used to condemn as far too realistic.

Soon enough, the so-real graphics of today’s games will follow suit as technology improves, even so it will never be interesting enough to compare to the resolution and impact of real life (which we all know consists of rolling around a giant ball and collecting lots of random stuff, thanks to Katamari Damacy).

It’s also interesting that a game that focuses on making you the most laudable heroic American-type hero ever–notably something Fox News glorifies–is getting pissed on for a mission where you INFILTRATE terrorist cells. To destroy them. What, seriously? It’s one thing to gripe about killing hookers in the Grand Theft Auto series, you can actually do that, and there’s no two ways about it. You are killing hookers. But seriously? It’s some mad doublespeak to be able to twist a good soldier into a bent terrorist. For shit sake, you’re ordered not to fire until fired upon in one of the first levels in the game. Claiming that this game is just out to make killers is absurd to anyone who knows anything about the series.

After watching this clip it should be obvious what is the bigger threat to society.

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7 Responses to “The Controversial New Video Game?”

  1. Porter Says:

    The guy from fox made my pretty angry, he was largely lacking in intelligence to hold that debate. Before a rant a ton, that guy’s a moron, the game is fine when sold to the right people. It’s the parents job to monitor the game at that point and beyond, not the developers.


  2. Grace Says:

    I’m an uptight mother of three & I’m completely terrified of games like this. Am I calmed by the idea that we’re not pretending to be terrorists, just CIA operatives pretending to be terrorists? Not so much. The difference between a good soldier and a bent terrorist is who they’re working for. I don’t want video games or videos or books to be censored. But we adults might be well advised to avoid playing at something we can’t live with– war.


  3. Cake-Pie Says:

    You won’t have anything to worry about, Grace, I’m pretty sure that you’re not about to hand your children $60 + tax and let them “get whatever they want” at the mall, then allow them to play an M-rated game when they get home.

    Not to mention, your kids don’t have fake id’s. They card people for videogames now.

    Overall, I think the big deal is more about how certain people historically place blame on so-called “bad” things. It used to be Beethoven, then it was Huckleberry Finn, then comic books, Elvis, Red Dawn, Eminem, Dexter, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

    I can understand staying away from intense things in media-they’re not for everyone.

    All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again.


  4. John Says:

    I prefer to pretend Fox doesn’t exist. Of course, I also prefer to pretend that political elections are not a game of subtle mud slinging, bush #2, 3 am, prisoner of war, ayers, straight talk express, bowling games, drill baby drill, and other such theatrical contentless BS. My fantasies are always broken. 🙁


  5. Arminies Says:

    Just played it. the Part where i go in and kill civilians, didn’t effect me at all.


  6. Kelly Says:

    This is one of those topics where you are able to find any kind of research to back up your claim. There are credible sources for and against video games. I personally view it as a stress reliever.

    As for the children arguments, some studies have shown that it can cure depression, sharpen reflexes, and stimulate the mind. There are always extreme conditions. There have been reports of kids being addicted to World of Warcraft and playing for over 40 hours a week while going to school. There was another story where a kid went on a killing rampage because of Grand Theft Auto. Those are easier excuses to except than mental illness or a troubled childhood. I would like to see a closer long term study on the effects of video games. As a person who has enjoyed all kinds of video games for over a decade, I honestly think I am a better person for it.


  7. Cake-Pie Says:

    Thanks, Xbox Error Fix person! I don’t worry about pleasing every browser. As long as it can be read. If you find that a lot of websites look odd you might consider trying a more popular browser, as more websites will have their coding supporting it.


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Dated: 12th November 2009
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