I can’t tell you how much I love Thanksgiving. It’s my very favorite holiday! Not because I’m a consumer whore who digs all the Black Friday sales, NAY! It’s the only holiday untainted by such! Even better: awesome food without the obligation to guess what other people want/need without going broke enough to re-gift. Nearly every other holiday requires some kind of gifting and boy does it suck to not be able to read minds. Next year, get me that for my Birthday. Mindreading!

I’ve found a couple of great things to be thankful for, and regardless of your personal spiritual/philosophical/apathetic views you can always appreciate some goodness!!

Zahada is an ongoing logic/reasoning/smartness game that will steal many hours of your life–for to have smart brains!–if you can figure out how to get started. It helps if you’re a nerd! I won’t give you any hints past that, but expect your head to a-splode with figuring. I landed myself in trouble around level 34, see if you can get there and find out what I mean! Please post no answers or spoilers in comments or I’ll burninate you. Or edit your post in an embarrassing¬† way. Don’t test me!

Faux Food –You probably think you know what this is, but let me tell you, punk, you should check this out anyway. I read this blog because I’m a girl and I love fashion so sue me, but look at this article!! Look at the om nom noms!! Thinking about a weird-ass Thanksgiving dinner? Here’s some inspiration. I especially love the Swedish fish sushi! I really want to try out the Jell-O Fruit!

Korean Dramas! Okay, so maybe you’ve never heard of these? But Korean dramas are leagues ahead of our own, mixing stories that will make you laugh, characters that will make you cry, and lots of hijinks and alcohol abuse. South Korean film-making is so good Kim Jong Il, in his infinite crazyness once kidnapped a film-maker and his wife, a former actress. Why? Because he wanted him to “Make good films”, which apparently iron-fisting and opium farming can’t provide on it’s own. Silly freedom and it’s good film-making!! At any rate, I’d recommend some, but my favorite (Exhibition of Fireworks) is not working right now. Just read the synopses for them and pick one. Give that at least two full episodes (they’re broken up due to size), you’ll be hooked.

If you get the ITIS this Thanksgiving now you have some clever sport to add to the holiday when you wake up. Try out my kind of fun!

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Dated: 25th November 2009
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