Image is a photo of a white-skinned female model of unknown ethnicity with short, white-blonde straight hair. She is making a neutral expression.Remember: bleach can be dangerous. The only way to know how your scalp and hair will react is to try things out on your own body/head/hair, but don’t sacrifice your safety. Testing your personal reactions can be done smartly. To do this responsibly like a real adult, consider performing a strand test.
What this entails is choosing a tiny portion of your hair no one will see (behind your ear is a good spot) and trying the bleach there first before you do a large amount of your hair. It’s the only reliable way to know if you’re allergic, if your scalp will burn, if your hair will survive, and what color it will turn out to be, and it’s also a good idea if you’ve done things to your hair already (coloring, perming, relaxing). Read more…

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image is a picture of actress Emilia Clarke playing Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. She is white blonde, and has a pensive or inquisitive look.Change is fun. It’s exciting and adventurous experimenting with your looks, imagining yourself in a new light, and then making that into reality. It’s somewhat less exciting if all of your hair falls out and you burn your freaking scalp. Here’s why people write guides.
With my guide you will need to spend somewhere between 30 and 55 US dollars. I’ll be including links so you can see examples but if you want to find cheaper products you probably can. Truly frugal and clever people could probably do this bleaching stuff for about $20. If you’re a first-timer there’s no shame in spending slightly more for now so you can do it right, though. Pick the option that’s right for you and keep in mind that some of these are one-time costs for shit like bowls. Also you will likely have enough product for bleaching more hair or retouching your roots for 1-2 years. When I started I literally could not believe how cheap these products were. Read more…

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Image is a picture of an old man wearing a top hat, glasses, and a nice suit with a gesture and expression indicating that he is about to tell someone off. He looks particularly cranky.Most of us are living pretty stressfully. From what I understand about stress, adding more unnecessarily isn’t very helpful, and can even cause people turn to Scientology. So why don’t we just put a stop to the unnecessary stuff? It’s so simple, I didn’t even have to think very hard to come up with that. Well, it seems like this might be a bit more complicated. We don’t always know what’s unnecessary, we don’t always know what to do instead, and even worse, we have less willpower due to stress to deal with crap like “being less stressed.”
Hey, don’t worry guys, I got your back here.
I’ve found a big mistake that we all make, and we don’t realize how bad it screws us over. It’s called guessing. You may say, “I know what you mean, that whole ‘Assumption’ thing and soforth, I am so very aware of this already, and nevermind you and your observations.” But you know what? You’d be wrong. Most of us make guesses about things we don’t even realize are guesses. Let me attempt an illustration of that for you. Read more…

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