image is a photo of a manicured hand holding an opened package of the My Beauty Diary Bird's Nest sheet mask. The packaging is cream colored with silver Edible Nest Swiftlet silhouettes and Chinese characters as well as the English product name.


Today I’ll be reviewing the My Beauty Diary Bird’s Nest mask (learn more about sheet masks and My Beauty Diary here). Right now you might be saying “Bird’s Nest?!! Asia, what the fuck?” but before you flip out let’s learn more about it.

One of the largest consumers of bird’s nest products is mainland China, the nests being used to make soups, beauty products, and PROFIT. Male edible nest swiftlets (aerodramus fuciphagus, similar to swallows) produce the nests using their saliva. The nests take 35 days to create, and workers are specially trained in climbing and extraction, only taking part of the nest so that the swiftlets can rebuild. After harvesting the nests, they are painstakingly cleaned strand by strand to remove anything that is impure. As you can see they’re difficult to produce, and therefore very expensive. Even just a handful of bird’s nest can run about US $100! A figure I discovered here puts the Malaysian production of bird’s nests at US $1.59 billion, and other countries also produce bird’s nest, notably Thailand and Indonesia.

Image is a photo by Paul B. Jones of swiftlets and their nests on cave walls. The birds are dark grey and light grey, they're similar-looking to swallows, and their nests are white flecked with grey, possibly feathers.
Adorable swiftlets! Producers house swiftlets in caves (like these) and buildings.
(Photo by Paul B Jones)


Bird’s nest is considered one of the “four great youth tonics” in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and the wealthy elite during dynastic times would eat bird’s nest soup daily to keep their skin healthy and young. Today, bird’s nest is said to benefit the skin and is used worldwide for that purpose. It’s a strong symbol of luxury, and due to the building’s shape China’s Beijing National Stadium (2008 Summer Olympics) is nicknamed “The Bird’s Nest”.
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Image is an advertisement for My Beauty Diary products. It features a fair-skinned female asian model, and a variety of skincare products. Decorating the scene are delicious-looking pastries covered in fruit. The entire ad is very cute looking.Introducing My Beauty Diary! MBD is a Taiwanese brand that has basically consumed the world of face mask making. They’re so ridiculously popular that people make imitations of them even though they’re $1-$2 a mask. MBD has a lot of formulas and mask products, and have since expanded outside of masks into other skincare. They have products for a veritable cornucopia of uses: whitening, brightening, moisturizing, plumping, vitalizing, toning, anti-aging, and a lot more. MBD recently became available through Wal-mart, and since I haven’t tried the Wal-mart products I can’t be sure they’re the same as the formula sold in Asia. You can also find MBD masks at better prices at Asian retailers (Imomoko, Sasa, eBay, Amazon) but don’t go for prices that are too good! Read more…

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Image is a photo of the packaging of the Bihada Sizuku sheet mask. There is an image of an aloe vera plant set upon a black background and the words Sizuku Natural Pulp Essence Face Mask in the center.I love sheet masks. They’re soothing, relaxing, fun, and I feel like a Sheet Princess with one of these on. A lot of them are rather great for improving dumb skin and maintaining good skin, and there are a lot of great ones for low cost. I typically enjoy wearing the moisturizing types and leaving them on while I watch 1-hour-long shows like K-Dramas or Doctor Who. Most packages recommend 20-30 mins but I find that with moisturizing products there’s no harm in keeping them on longer and I just like going to my happy place as I watch a show in Sheet Princess mode. Read more…

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An image of etude house brand hand cream in a package shaped like a white, black, and pink panda. A peach is pictured on the belly of the animal. It is smiling and very cute. In order to stay on top of things, I read a lot of beauty blogs. I enjoy learning about products, finding the best stuff, and just reading what other people are into. It’s fun to get into other people’s purchases and see what they’re drawn to, and what they actually buy! This is my first “haul” post, and if you’re unfamiliar, the idea is to show you what I got. This isn’t a review, but I plan to review items from this haul (some were really good purchases!).
I bought a number of items from recently during their free US shipping deal (love it!) and I also got a few of my items on sale. Imomoko is a good online dealer for Asian cosmetics and beauty products. Read more…

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