Image is a photo of the packaging for the oriental gold bb cream. It is a cylinder shape with a pink bottom half and a gold top half.When I first I learned about BBs I did a lot of research, I read a TON of reviews (both domestic and foreign) and this product kept coming up. I bought it because I wanted to start out with a good quality BB cream rather than randomly experiment, and overall I was glad I did. If you’re new to BB creams, it might be good to start by reading about what they are, as there are no truly analogous western products.

Skin79 is a large brand from South Korea, but it’s more popular and well-known in the west in that it’s a big deal here, and not so much in South Korea. Most women outside of Asia try a Skin79 brand for their first BB cream, but most women in BB-popular countries aren’t as into Skin79. It’s not an inferior brand, personally I think the difference in popularity is a matter of marketing because Skin79 spends a lot of time enticing the foreign market. Read more…

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Dated: 25th October 2012
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ELF Nail ColorsI hate spending a lot of money on beauty if I think I can get something for less. Now, I’m willing to invest in items that are worth it, but I know the internet’s ways. There are always things on sale, and I want to know about them.

This isn’t a set of reviews, so if I get excited and say “Oh, man, those look neat and you can get 100 of them for $2” and you buy them and they mutate, breed, and then they rapidly take over your civilization, I won’t be held responsible. All I’m saying is, “Look, it’s on sale, bro.”

Who doesn’t love a sale? Nobody. Read more…

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Dated: 13th May 2012
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