Hey guys, you might be saying to yourself wow a second blog post? Sometimes Cake-pie makes 2 posts in a month, how crazy is it to see two in one DAY?? Well, ordinarily you won’t see this much posting, but there’s a DEAL you HAVE to know about if you’ve been interested in Pixi brand makeup but couldn’t afford their high prices.

Today on Hautelook you can get Pixi (and POP Beauty) products for huge discounts, some products are 70% off or more, and the majority are UNDER $10!! If you check it out and buy anything, use my link! It gives me a $10 credit if you do, and I will be very thankful to you for doing so.

I’ve been an Hautelook member for a while, but I’ve never purchased anything before (despite there being good sales before), timing wasn’t always right (their sales are limited time), or I didn’t have it in the budget (I’m on a fixed income).

The sale goes until THURSDAY AT 8AM PACIFIC, but I wouldn’t hesitate because shit is selling out already. It’s a popular brand and a lot of people are cheapskates like us and want the good prices, haha.

I hauled some stuff today, and I’ll share with you what I picked up!

image is a stock photo of the pixi nail polish in opal sheen, a pearly white color. It is in a clear glass bottle with a light green-grey cap.

image is a stock photo of the pixi nail polish in pink pirouette, a pearly neon pink color. It is in a clear glass bottle with a light green-grey cap, with a graphic of what looks like tinkerbell th fairy on the cover. She has blonde hair a white wings.

image is a stock photo of the pixi nail polish in fresh red, a pearly red color. It is in a clear glass bottle with a light green-grey cap.

image is a stock photo of pop beauty glitz blitz eyeliner in the color black blitz. Two pencils are shown, both are black with white lettering.

Image is a stock photo of a super pale green squeeze bottle of pixi brand fresh face healthy skin booster in peach. The cap is slightly goldish, and the lettering is a gold foil color.
Image is a stock photo swatch of the Pixi brand fresh face healthy skin booster in peach. It's a smooth peach colored silky liquid smudged across a white background.

Image is a stock photo of the Pixi brand brightening primer bottle. It is a very fair green, with a lighter green cap. The lettering is a sort of gold foil color.

Image is a stock photo of the pixi brand flawless beauty powder in shade #1, fair. Two packages are shown, one is closed the other is open. They are both light green with gold foil accent graphics and labels. The closed one features a silhouette of a fairy on the cove of  the package, the open one shows the contents and a small mirror inside. Both cases are square shaped.


Pretty nail polishes right? It’s like nail polish week with this and the Zoya Freebies I hauled a few days ago. I was interested in the powder because it looks fair enough to work on my stark white skin (my current powders are almost out, oh noes!). The eyeliner was pretty cheap, and I wanted to try at least one POP Beauty product from this sale. I’m not 100% sure what the Fresh Face skin booster does but I intend to see if it makes sense as a highlighter or maybe a totally natural blush look. I already have a few brightening primers, but they’re both a bit pinkish and I want to see what a pearly white one will do with my already white face (hopefully make it glow like the moon, not make it ghostly!).

That’s my selection, did you haul anything from this sale? If not, does anything look exciting or interesting to you? Tell me what you think of Hautelook.

This post is not sponsored, everything was purchased with my own money. See my Disclosure!

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Dated: 8th January 2013
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Image is a promotional ad for Zoya nail polish. It reads: Let zoya color your world in 2012 get 3 free*, code zoya2013, 01/7/2013 (10 am EST) - 01/13/2013 (11:59 PM EST) ONLY, *Restrictions apply, continental US only, Limited time offer on zoya.com only, s/h charges apply, see zoya.com for complete details, The new color of fashion, zoya, zoya.com, copyright 2013 art of beauty inc, all rights reserved


NOTE: The poster says it starts on 1/7 but the code works now (I already ordered mine).

NOTE: This promotion seems to be US only >: Let me know if it works for you if you’re outside the US!

There’s a new promotion right now from Zoya, you can get 3 polishes for “free”, but you have to pay $10 for shipping… still, do the math here:

Zoya nail polish $8 each x 3 = $24
Then add $6.95 (Standard Shipping regular price)

Total: $30.95


3 Zoya Nail polishes for $10.

It’s still a deal even though they’re hiking up the shipping price for this offer, might as well be “3 polishes for a dollar + shipping.” Who cares? That’s cheap!

I picked up:

image is a stock photo of the zoya nail polish named Ziv. It's an opaque gold with gold glitter in a clear bottle. No bottle lid is pictured.

image is a stock photo of the zoya nail polish named Luna. It's an opaque silver with silver glitter in a clear bottle. No bottle lid is pictured.

image is a stock photo of the zoya nail polish named Gilda. It's an opaque hot pink with hot pink glitter in a clear bottle. No bottle lid is pictured.

What polishes did you get? Let’s share what we got!

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Image is a photo of 15 products from the body shop. On the left six round jars are stacked, largest on the bottom. In the back, tube containers are arranged from largest to smallest, left to right. In front, bottle/pump containers are arranged largest to smallest left to right. So much stuff!!

WOW that’s a lot!! Wait till you see my total! (Hint: it’s not scary!)

You guys know I don’t overuse the word “Epic”. This haul was so amazing. In order to understand what I did, I want to show you two parts of my preparation.

Step 1. I bought a Groupon deal, $20 to spend in-store at The Body Shop for $10 (I bought three of these). Restriction: only one per visit. Must be spend before Dec 20, 2012. So I used each one on different visits.

Step 2. Get a Love Your Body Card for $10 that gives you 10% off in store and online.

Step 3. There was a “Buy 1 get 1 half off” sale during the Veteran’s Day weekend, but if you had a Love My Body Card, the sale upgraded to “Buy 1 get 1 free” (up to three items free).

Image is a photo of four products from the body shop plus a love your body card. The back row there are two body polishes, satsuma and strawberry, in front is the grapefruit body scrub on the left, and the mango body butter on the right.
My total haul from the first day (Friday)

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image is a stock photo of a large color palette of 88 different shades by the brand coastal scents.If you’ve been around beauty blogs, vlogs, or anyone who buys budget beauty products you’ve likely heard of Coastal Scents. The company is well-known for HUGE palettes of eyeshadow, lipstick, and blushes for cheap, and tons of women swear by them! Their products are priced nicely and if you’re curious to try them now is a great time to check them out because there’s a great deal on Livingsocial (a deals site that I like) that lets you get $25 worth of Coastal Scents for only $12. A lot of their items are on sale right now which rules but don’t forget that this $25 for $12 coupon deal is only on for one day, so don’t miss it (after you buy your coupon you have until March 1, 2013 to use the promotional value, and the paid value never expires). Read more…

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Steam SalesI know you’re all still playing Diablo 3 (myself included) but today the game is down for maintenance so I spent some time going through Steam cataloging some deals. Steam is a convenient portal for downloading and buying games because it always seems to have deals (and not just on crapware, but on games that you’ll want to play) and it’s a great way to get access to indy games. You can also friend other people (it’s linked to Facebook so you can find your friends) and then you can judge compare games and achievements with each other. I ask my friends about games they’ve played to see if they’re anything I want to try out, plus there’s a handy chat system so you can talk in real time. Chances are you already know all of this stuff, but I try to write for everyone here so that people who are not experts can learn new stuff. Read more…

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