Roguelike mating call

You punks reading this who already know what Roguelikes are will smugly state “But I need not read such history, for the genre is eponymous; that is, it was named for the first game of this type, and that game was Rogue.” Smuggery be damned because you’re only half right. While the genre truly was named for Rogue (and a popular game it was) it was not the first.
Generally, a Roguelike is defined by some pretty specific stuff, but as for me, I’d call a game roguelike if it met a general feel or enough boxes on a list. It’s best if we make such a list, don’t you think? Read more…

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Dated: 7th May 2012
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I’m going to have a hard time writing this particular entry without including as many Godfather, Goodfellas, and Sopranos quotes as I know. Bonus points to you if you get the references after I’m done bastardizing them with Mafia Wars Sorority Life. You read that right. And if you know anything about Facebook, you know
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