Image is a photo of the packaging of the Bihada Sizuku sheet mask. There is an image of an aloe vera plant set upon a black background and the words Sizuku Natural Pulp Essence Face Mask in the center.I love sheet masks. They’re soothing, relaxing, fun, and I feel like a Sheet Princess with one of these on. A lot of them are rather great for improving dumb skin and maintaining good skin, and there are a lot of great ones for low cost. I typically enjoy wearing the moisturizing types and leaving them on while I watch 1-hour-long shows like K-Dramas or Doctor Who. Most packages recommend 20-30 mins but I find that with moisturizing products there’s no harm in keeping them on longer and I just like going to my happy place as I watch a show in Sheet Princess mode. Read more…

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An image of etude house brand hand cream in a package shaped like a white, black, and pink panda. A peach is pictured on the belly of the animal. It is smiling and very cute. In order to stay on top of things, I read a lot of beauty blogs. I enjoy learning about products, finding the best stuff, and just reading what other people are into. It’s fun to get into other people’s purchases and see what they’re drawn to, and what they actually buy! This is my first “haul” post, and if you’re unfamiliar, the idea is to show you what I got. This isn’t a review, but I plan to review items from this haul (some were really good purchases!).
I bought a number of items from recently during their free US shipping deal (love it!) and I also got a few of my items on sale. Imomoko is a good online dealer for Asian cosmetics and beauty products. Read more…

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According to Wikipedia, in ancient Germany (1950s) a German dermatologist named Dr. Christine Schrammek first created the formula which was used to treat skin after surgery and lasers (I picture this differently than reality does I’m sure), but the idea was to cover and treat wounds while they healed. In the 1980s South Korea and Japan were introduced to this cream and it went viral, now basically everyone in Asian cinema is glowing like wow from it and making us all jealous.
You should also know that “BB” is not a brand name. It is usually said to mean “Blemish Balm” (but this word is trademarked in South Korea) so “Beblash Balm” is substituted. Here in the west, people generally just decide that BB means “Beauty Balm” and that’s what they go with.
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