Cake-pi at WOOT

Cake-pi at WOOT

Yes, folks, you missed possibly the best day on Shirt Woot EVER.

Thanks to Ms. Kira Awesome for pointing this out to me. A little late, but still.

Think you can do better? Show me! If I like it you may just get your graphic put at the top of my website forever! You won’t be paid, but if you’re a struggling art graduate student it would be a good portfolio piece.

To see exactly what kind of style I’m looking for (though I’m open to your creative wackiness) check out the fan page for on Facebook HERE. You should also join, if you’re a fan. Which I think you are.

Send your e-mails to cake-pie at cake-pie dot com ^_^

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Posted by Cake-Pie
Dated: 9th December 2009
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