Image is a photo of the packaging of the Bihada Sizuku sheet mask. There is an image of an aloe vera plant set upon a black background and the words Sizuku Natural Pulp Essence Face Mask in the center.I love sheet masks. They’re soothing, relaxing, fun, and I feel like a Sheet Princess with one of these on. A lot of them are rather great for improving dumb skin and maintaining good skin, and there are a lot of great ones for low cost. I typically enjoy wearing the moisturizing types and leaving them on while I watch 1-hour-long shows like K-Dramas or Doctor Who. Most packages recommend 20-30 mins but I find that with moisturizing products there’s no harm in keeping them on longer and I just like going to my happy place as I watch a show in Sheet Princess mode.
That said. Ahem. I bought these masks for $1.50 each back in my Imomoko Haul. I selected them because they were very cheap, and there wasn’t a lot written about them online which made me want to try them. What I did see was generally favorable, indicating that they were probably decent for their price. They’re supposed to moisturize in a range, with Yuzu being least moisturizing and Aloe being the most moisturizing. I also learned that the Sizuku line from Bihada is a drugstore brand in Japan, and you can apparently also find them in 100 Yen shops (similar to dollar stores in the USA) so they’re a fun budget product. I bought four in total but today I am reviewing only the Aloe and Apple masks.

Image is a photo of two masks still in their packaging, placed side by side. On the left is the Apple Mask with a photo of apples on the package, the other is an Aloe mask with a photo of an aloe plant. Words in pink on the upper right side of the image read: Bihada Sizuku Apple and Aloe Sheet Masks.

The good:

  • They fit on my face great. I have a long nose, and these masks are made for women whose faces are different from my own so my usual tactic is to place the mask so the top of the eye-hole starts below my brow as it makes the nose fit just right (I’m careful not to get this stuff in my eyes). Plus, moisture brows! This technique worked without hassle and they fit well. Worth noting, they also have slits on the mask that can be used to adjust the mask to fit, and for me they worked also.
  • They don’t smell weird. In fact, these two masks didn’t have a lot of fragrance (good news for sensitive people!).
  • They didn’t totally suck. I felt like the moisture happened.
  • I’m not neurotypical, and I don’t find these masks overstimulating, this might be good news depending on what triggers you. (For me, uncomfortable textures touching my face, bad smells, and stickiness are examples of my deal-breaking triggers.)
  • They didn’t tear apart or become unwieldy mush. Some masks are delicate, thin, or stupid to deal with. These were totally hassle-free and didn’t have anything weird to deal with.

The bad:

  • Nothing special. I like My Beauty Diary brand masks better and the prices are similar. Heck, even some of my nightly face packs are better.
  • No fancy gorgeous lovie smells. I don’t universally enjoy “fragrances” but most of the Asian cosmetics smell mild and nice which I enjoy. It’s not a major fault that it’s not there, but worth mentioning if someone likes that part about sheet masks too.
  • There didn’t seem to be any difference between the two varieties I tried. From what I could tell the amount of moisture was identical.


Image is a photo of a sheet mask that has been used up. It is a fine cotton fiber mask in the rough shape of a person's face, with holes for the eyes and mouth and slits around the outside of the mask and around the nose.

Bottom line: They weren’t bad, just nothing special. I’m a picky person and I want anything I use to be MAXIMUM AWESOME if it’s a part of my routine that matters. For some people the fit matters a lot and so maybe you will want to get these masks. For me, skincare is my creepy obsession, so I won’t be repurchasing the Sizuku Apple or Aloe masks.

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7 Responses to “Sheet Mask Review: Bihada Sizuku Apple and Aloe Masks”

  1. Megan Says:

    What face masks would you recommend then? I love facials 😀 Especially when they are cheap lol


    Tiffany Martin Reply:

    I’d start with My Beauty Diary but FaceQ makes good masks too. I have to try more before I can give my solid recommendations/top picks but because it’s fun to try them, maybe you can let me know if you like any too (: The good news is even though some masks are better than others I have yet to have a “bad” mask.


  2. Renee Says:

    I have to try these! I *love* face masks, I have a few now that I need to get around to reviewing as well 🙂


    Tiffany Martin Reply:

    I love reading about face masks, I hope you do review some ^_^


  3. Trina Says:

    I agree, what face masks do you recommend? I definitely want to try some.


    Tiffany Martin Reply:

    I just reviewed 3 more from My Beauty Diary, and I’d recommend the Aloe masks, they’re very moisturizing and make your skin glow.


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