Sana Nemeraka Isoflavone Soy Milk Facial Lotion Mask Review
Sana Nemeraka Isoflavone Soy Milk Facial Lotion Mask


Isn’t that a mouthful!

This is the third of the masks that were sent to me by, remember they sent me all of these masks? I still think it’s great because I get to try so many masks, and no one is paying me so I can say what I honestly think. Thank you again for the samples, James Lin!

I’ve heard of the brand Sana before, but never tried any masks from them. This particular one interested me because soy is supposed to be whitening, and I like to have bright skin. I know in my country (USA) “white” skin color is not as popular, because tan is considered more desirable. As for me, I don’t like to tan because I want my skin to stay young and tanning causes wrinkles. My country is in my opinion too rigid about skin color, I think all skin colors can be beautiful and I think we should all choose what color depth we want our natural skin to look, and we should all feel beautiful, light or dark.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside:

Water, butylene glycol, glycerin, alcohol, betaine, PEG-75, dimethicone, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, diphenylsiloxy phenyl trimethicone (phenyl trimethicone), styrene/vp copolymer, methylparaben, xanthan gum, carbomer, lactobacillus/soybean extract, [rice] ferment filtrate, sodium hydroxide, glycine soja (soybean) protein, glycine soja (soybean) seed extract

Top Ingredients:

Glycerin: “Simply stated, glycerin attracts water to skin and helps skin to feel smoother and softer. However, studies have found that it not only attracts water to the skin, but also helps skin cells mature properly. According to a study done by The Medical College of Georgia, Glycerin works as a signal to help direct skin cells through their four normal stages of maturity. ”

Betaine: “Primarily functions as a humectant and anti-irritant in cosmetic products…. It’s able to give superior hydration to the skin, without the residual stickiness often associated with glycerin based emulsions. When used in skin care products, it can temporarily decrease the depth of wrinkles, giving the face a much smoother appearance….”

Dimethicone: Silicones like dimethicone can help in scar and stretch mark repair. “The cosmetic industry values this ingredient for its powerful ability to keep the skin adequately lubricated, even during the driest and harshest winter weather. As a non-comedogenic ingredient, it provides a significant amount of emollience and coverage to the skin, without adding any heaviness.”

Botanicals: Soy protein/sake (rice ferment filtrate)/soybean seed extract/lactobacillus/soybean extract.
Soy has some evidence for being anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, collagen stimulating, and hyaluronic acid stimulating. These all lead to firmer, more elastic skin. One study also showed that two weeks of soy product reduced the number of hair follicles on the skin. Two weeks of soy use also lightened areas of hyperpigmentation in another study.


A quick search shows no potential acne-causing ingredients, so that’s good news.

There is some effective ingredient potential here, assuming we get the advantages of the botanticals in the formula.
My experience with it:
The first thing you’ll notice when using the Sana Nemeraka Mask (if you’re used to sheet masks) is that the texture of the mask has this strange quilting. It seems like the idea is to increase surface area, and thus have a higher capacity to hold essence. I’m not sure if it succeeds, but the quilting doesn’t get in the way, and I’m not sure it keeps the mask more hydrated either. I think wear time on this mask is about 40 minutes, a bit shorter than other masks, but completely in line with recommendations for use.

The mask smelled neutral, kind of a typical gooey mask smell actually. It fit my face well, but the chin was strange and I had to wrestle with it a little. Nothing tragic, so I wouldn’t call it a con.

When wearing masks I tend to press down periodically to make sure it’s still sticking to my face, and when you do that with the Sana mask it makes little pops when you press it because of the quilting. A bit fun, actually, haha.

Here’s the before…
… And after, notice my skin looks kinda pore-y (that’s the imprint of the quilting on my skin), but also brighter and moisturized.


The Good:

  • Botanical ingredients could be very good for firming skin, lightening hyperpigmentation, and moisturizing skin
  • It’s fun to press on the mask because of the quilted texture
  • Moisturizes well
  • Brightens!
  • Long-term effects are likely to be worth it, not sure any of these appeared after one use though.


The Bad:

  • Mask is more in a premium class ($3.95 retail at so it’s not something everyone can afford to use a couple times a month, which is what I would expect would be required in order to get the max benefits
  • One-time use was average, moisturizing and not much else.
  • A little sticky after use, best for night use, or if you don’t need to wear makeup or go anywhere
  • NOT good if you have a soy allergy!
  • Leaves a temporary imprint on the skin if left on for 40 minutes, lol. Maybe less of an effect if left on for less time. The world may never know.


Bottom Line: My experience with the mask was positive, and my research about it turned up some potential benefits long term, but for ME $3.95 a week for a mask might be too high right now in my budget. If I could afford that I would gladly buy this mask again, if nothing but to find out if it can stop my facial hair from growing! Who wouldn’t want to get rid of their lady-mustaches if they could? For one use, I can’t say I was blown away enough to recommend. If you can swing the cost to use this once a week (and you are NOT allergic to soy) then this is perhaps one of the more interesting masks I have seen for good long-term effects.

Have you ever tried any of the quilted masks? How about Sana masks?

This mask was a sample sent by, no one paid me or compensated me for my review. All opinions are 100% my own. Read my disclosure here.

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3 Responses to “Sana Nemeraka Isoflavone Soy Milk Facial Lotion Mask Review”

  1. Eva Says:

    you totally rock the blue hair/highlights or whatever <3

    really good review, thank you Tiffany <3 you know im not a sheet mask person 😛


  2. Kerry Says:

    I would totally try this sheet mask. I would be especially pumped if one of the hair follicles that could be inhibited by the soy was the one that likes to grow one long, dark, catfish whisker on my chin. Excellent review, as always!


  3. Rebecca Says:

    This looks awesome! I’ve never tried a quilted mask but now I’m intrigued. I don’t think $4 per mask is totally insane… I mean I probably wouldn’t use something like that every day, but a couple times per month? Maybe.


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