Thanks to the excellent media wranglers handling the expo, I was approved for my press pass for the event! This is awesome since I applied wicked late, and just whiskered my way in.

From past experience, I know that gaming cons are usually packed with people elbow to asshole. Adding to that, anything that Penny-Arcade touches multiplies attendance by Higgs-Boson. If you have cool questions for any panel, and you’re NOT ATTENDING PAX EAST submit them here, I’ll probably remember to ask them. Keep in mind, if I wander by the games area I might blow off every panel and play like, DDR or something.

My plans for the event are as follows:


  • ??:?? o’clock  ARRIVE, pick up media badge
  • Gameshark Dinner


  • Journalists vs. Developers: The Ultimate Grudge Match
    Manticore Theatre
    Friday, 2:00pm
  • PAX East 2010 Keynote Wil Wheaton (I’m going to try and get in, if I fail, I’ll just go play games)
    Main Theatre
    Friday, 3:00pm
  • Friday Night Concerts!
    Main Theatre
    Friday, 8:30pm
  • The Future of PC Gaming Yes, there is one!
    Wyvern Theatre
    Friday, 10:00pm


  • Early Media Access on the Show Floor 9:00am
  • Greetings from a Dead-Tree Dinosaur Cartoonist v1.1 (FoxTrot’s Bill Amend!)
    Manticore Theatre
    Saturday, 10:00am
  • The Death of Print (this should be good, I watched my own employer die. RIP, CGM)
    Manticore Theatre
    Saturday, 1:00pm
  • A Sophisticated Evening with Rooster Teeth Productions
    Main Theatre
    Saturday, 3:30pm
  • Podcasting (f)or PR (interested in cakepiepods?)
    Naga Theatre
    Saturday, 5:30pm
  • Hal Halpin and Adam Sessler Talking Games
    Manticore Theatre
    Saturday, 7:00pm
  • Saturday Night Concert (if I can get in, otherwise ROCK BAND FREE PLAY @11pm)
    Main Theatre
    Saturday, 8:30pm


  • 9:00am PA Media Panel
  • So You Want to Get into the Game Industry?
    Naga Theatre
    Sunday, 11:30am
  • Penny Arcade Panel #2 (this or XPLAY, both are likely to be full)
    Main Theatre
    Sunday, 1:00pm
  • X-Play LIVE: A Show on Television (this or the PA panel, both are likely to be full)
    Manticore Theatre
    Sunday, 1:00pm
  • Forcing Your Way In & Coming Out On Top: The Game Industry in
    Rainbow Color (if I can fit it in–see what I did there?)
    Wyvern Theatre
    Sunday, 1:30pm
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Game Journalism…
    Manticore Theatre
    Sunday, 2:30pm
  • Closing Ceremony
    Main Theatre
    Sunday, 5:00pm
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One Response to “PAX East and I’m going!”

  1. Katherine Says:

    The Future of PC Gaming Yes, there is one!

    I’d be curious to hear thoughts on how Steam is changing PC gaming–in particular, how much is it opening avenues for smaller game releases? Do developers think that steam will usher in a renaissance of low-budget, low-cost, potentially (key word potentially, lol) high quality games, in the same way that Youtube has opened doors for people making low-cost movies/flash cartoons/etc (though obviously there’s some big differences between Steam and Youtube, but that particular facet of it reminds me a bit of youtube.)


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