Haunts: The Manse MacabreGuys, by now you’ve likely noticed I seem to be fascinated by gothy/horror/grimdark/dystopia settings in games. The truth is I love dark themes. “WTF?” you might say, while looking at a pink page full of ladythings. Indeed, I too love ladythings. Now’s the time to get over your bizarre prejudices, because I love both.

Haunts: The Manse Macabre caught my attention with its striking black-and-white artwork. Their title page looks like it’d make a terrific boardgame, amirite? Further inspection uncovered a well-thought-out project with turn-based, story-driven gameplay. You can play as either the “Intruders” (those exploring Tyree Manse) or the “Denizens” (those who lived/died there) as your strategy RPG around the old, haunted manse. Read more…

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Dated: 2nd June 2012
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Steam SalesI know you’re all still playing Diablo 3 (myself included) but today the game is down for maintenance so I spent some time going through Steam cataloging some deals. Steam is a convenient portal for downloading and buying games because it always seems to have deals (and not just on crapware, but on games that you’ll want to play) and it’s a great way to get access to indy games. You can also friend other people (it’s linked to Facebook so you can find your friends) and then you can judge compare games and achievements with each other. I ask my friends about games they’ve played to see if they’re anything I want to try out, plus there’s a handy chat system so you can talk in real time. Chances are you already know all of this stuff, but I try to write for everyone here so that people who are not experts can learn new stuff. Read more…

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Dated: 29th May 2012
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Yohio is hella blonde (just like yours truly) though I don’t know if he’s bleaching his to within and inch of his life like I am, haha. He wears decorative flowers in his hair, princess dresses reminiscent of Celes in the opera house, sings in a low voice, in a foreign language, and rips on the guitar. This combination is most likely to stir the internet into fits of predictable, tired, haterade: “Fag”, “He thinks he’s Japanese”, and whatever else is cool to say on 4chan. Read more…

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diablo3Hey, so you’ve been playing D3? Have you been hating on it? Is your big complaint that Diablo 3 is dumbed-down and forces you to play with only some specific skills, and only in certain hotkeys? This game isn’t customizable and boy does that suck! If that’s how you feel about it, well, you just didn’t know how to customize it.
Instead, try this new tip. I mean, maybe you figured it out yourself but this option is buried rather cleverly so I’m guessing you didn’t figure it out, and this is going to make a difference in your gameplay experience. Read more…

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Image is a picture of an old man wearing a top hat, glasses, and a nice suit with a gesture and expression indicating that he is about to tell someone off. He looks particularly cranky.Most of us are living pretty stressfully. From what I understand about stress, adding more unnecessarily isn’t very helpful, and can even cause people turn to Scientology. So why don’t we just put a stop to the unnecessary stuff? It’s so simple, I didn’t even have to think very hard to come up with that. Well, it seems like this might be a bit more complicated. We don’t always know what’s unnecessary, we don’t always know what to do instead, and even worse, we have less willpower due to stress to deal with crap like “being less stressed.”
Hey, don’t worry guys, I got your back here.
I’ve found a big mistake that we all make, and we don’t realize how bad it screws us over. It’s called guessing. You may say, “I know what you mean, that whole ‘Assumption’ thing and soforth, I am so very aware of this already, and nevermind you and your observations.” But you know what? You’d be wrong. Most of us make guesses about things we don’t even realize are guesses. Let me attempt an illustration of that for you. Read more…

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Dated: 17th May 2012
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