Logo for Diablo 3. The words Diablo and the roman numerals for 3 are in the center.Hey, so you’ve been playing D3? Have you been hating on it? Is your big complaint that Diablo 3 is dumbed-down and forces you to play with only some specific skills, and only in certain hotkeys? This game isn’t customizable and boy does that suck! If that’s how you feel about it, well, you just didn’t know how to customize it.
Instead, try this new tip. I mean, maybe you figured it out yourself but this option is buried rather cleverly so I’m guessing you didn’t figure it out, and this is going to make a difference in your gameplay experience.
First, log in to Diablo 3, then hit escape (or click the game menu icon), then select “Options”, then the gameplay tab. That opens up a bunch of checkable thingums, and you should probably know that these are fun to tickle as well (make them obey you!). Anyway…
Now that you’re here, see below the “Interface” selections and notice that one on the bottom that is unchecked as “Elective Mode”? Well that one returns the power of your game to you. You can customize your things again, and you’re welcome.
Here’s a handy graphic in case you can’t find it:
Image shows a menu for Diablo 3. The menu reads in two columns. The one on the left has the heading: HUD, and the right one has the heading: Interface. Underneath each there are several game options, each with a box to toggle or untoggle the selection. In pink, the selection under Interface titled Elective Mode is outlined, as well as the description of elective mode that reads: Enable full customization of skill selection and placement on the action bar. A large pink arrow is pointing at the elective mode selection with the words Click this box here in pink.
Protip: don’t forget to hit “Apply” before closing that window, otherwise nothing will change.

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2 Responses to “One Thing You Didn’t Know About Diablo 3”

  1. Porter Says:

    I’ve yet to install it and play (will be playing by tomorrow), but I’ll be sure to check this out when I do. for the amount of credit you’re giving this feature, it is pretty damn hidden.


  2. Tiffany Martin Says:

    Haha, yeah it’s pretty much the best box to toggle (that and disabling “allow quick join”). I think it’s a lot of fun, and I am enjoying my playthrough immensely. I’m still up at 2:00am for hell’s sake.

    I plan to do more single-player stuff for the time being but my battlenet id should be on facebook for when it’s time to kill diablo with friends.


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Posted by Cake-Pie
Dated: 18th May 2012
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