It has recently come to my attention that the game magazine I used to work for (which is now sadly dead) is not buried, but somewhat zombie-like.

As you may know from reading my About page I used to be on staff at Computer Games Magazine, and when we launched our new gaming magazine MASSIVE (which turned into MMO Games due to another magazine named massive) I followed there as well. It was really awesome for every reason you can think of. I even got this free chair which everyone insists is a sex chair (but is clearly NOT). Bottom line: E3, Games, NON-sex chair, Meeting EVERYONE. It was sweet like pocky.

It all ended when CGM’s publisher got into trouble for spamming with another project completely unrelated to CGM or MMO Games Magazine. So you can imagine how sad we all were when we were told that the publisher lost the lawsuit, everyone had to leave, and the magazines were gone forever. I really did <3 CGM and the different voice we had in the game world. We had the largest female readership, and we had possibly the smartest reader’s letters.

I got all nostalgic and Googled: “computer games magazine” articles (then added) “tiffany martin” in the hopes that someone out there remembered. Someone out there still believed. Someone out there had copied articles onto their website illegally and I could still read them. Instead, I found two very unusual things: archives at our old website, and Troy S. Goodfellow.

Troy and I used to both write for CGM and I was just tickled to see he was blogging out there somewhere. Check out his site at and if you’re a strategy gamer you can listen to his podcast Three Moves Ahead with actor Tom Chick who was Oscar’s boyfriend in The Office (he does other stuff, too, or so I hear), Julian Murdoch, and Bruce Geryk–another old CGM-er.

It’s really nice to scroll through old articles and remember some good times, shitty games I had to review, and great E3 interviews. I also recall the time I scammed my way into the behind-closed-doors area of the Nintendo booth at one E3. Or the time a Russian Developer gave me a bottle of Vodka–I shit you not.

It was the best of times, and it really was. Working right near home, and traveling far, far away. Who could want for more?

pixel Nostalgia is going to the Blogs!

5 Responses to “Nostalgia is going to the Blogs!”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Awww. It sounds like good times. I wish nother mag would hire you…


  2. Troy Goodfellow Says:

    Well, you can’t “watch” the podcast…

    I miss CGM, too, and I hope the archives get completed. I’m sort of jealous that you have all your articles nicely laid out and linked.

    Also…sex chair?


  3. Cake-Pie Says:

    I am working on it. I am trying to get some contacts and hopefully some current stuff (via Cake-Pie) to show for myself. I would love to do more writing work.

    lol Yeah the podcast is more of a Listen thing, I can fix that. I managed to find the articles by remembering some of my review titles and checking them in the search. Maybe that could work for you? It was a little painstaking but I think it was worth it. If you click on the link for “free chair” you can see what the chair looks like. My philistine friends always comment to me that they want to know where they can buy my sex chair. Or they make dirty remarks about it. No matter how much I insist and prove that it is intended as a gamer chair and not for sex.


  4. Porter Says:

    Those do sound like good times indeed. I remember when I was like 10-13 or so, I would go into Gamestop and here you talk about E3, I always thought that was awesome. You should create a resume of sorts and I can link to it in your footer, just in case some day someone important pops by here one day, likes your reading, then looks for such a thing; who knows, it could somehow land you another job doing game magazine articles. Anyway, yay nostalgia, nice read.


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