********* Contest is over! *********
Winners are:
1st place, “Bonedriven” 2,242,800;
2nd place “Nipplemelter” 1,976,480

Pictured is a cute plushie toy of a Diggle monster from Dungeons of Dredmor

By now everyone knows how much fun I think Dungeons of Dredmor is. Those of you wanting reviews, I plan to do one once the Conquest of the Wizardlands expansion is patched. If you’re new here, I may have established that I’m pretty good at DoD when I murdered Lord Dredmor in an absurdly difficult way, and after doing so there were some events to follow that would lead to me finding a lot of great people in the game community (and having a whole new appreciation for the developer). Among the communities I found were the folks over at /r/Dredmor on Reddit. They started up a weekly Dredmor Challenge which I recently participated in and won (it was close!) So that means this week I get to make the new Reddit Dredmor Challenge! You can see the details here on Reddit/r/Dredmor. If you’re new to Reddit/terrifed of Reddit I’ve reposted the contest here as well so you can participate. (I’ll just post your scores on Reddit for you, either comment here or email me at thecakepie@gmail.com)

If your Savvy is high enough, you should install hotfix 10c, available here at the Gaslamp Games forums while we’re waiting for patch 1.1.2 to come out. It seems to resolve most of the major bugs introduced with the Wizardlands expansion. Be warned: Steam may not measure your achievements if you do this (it doesn’t for me).

The Build: The Wealthier the Better
Your background:
As a child your parents knew you were special, they had many offspring before but none were able to beat childhood the way you did. They taught you what they could but you were destined for more, so they found the best schools to prepare you for your future in Wizarding. For those who don’t know, even getting INTO Wizarding school is extremely competitive; and most die on the first floor quit in their first year.

As an undergrad you either minored in Archaeology (one of your many interests), or spent additional time preparing for the rigors of Wizarding school with additional Magical Training.

With your strong background in Mathemagic, and your loads of business courses you became an expert Bankster and graduated from Magical Law school at the top of your class.

After graduation you went to work, and soon zorkmids were not a problem for you anymore. Newly wealthy, you began Touring the kingdom where you fell in love with the wild deer and bees and could no longer harm cute little animals. You became devoted as a Vegan but you knew you had more to learn. You decided to take yoga and pilates; there you honed your Unarmed skills to become one with your body. One day, the poor King had enough of Lord Dredmor, and knew she would need the most well-rounded, top performing of her subjects to rid the world of his evil. That person is you.

Magical Law
Either Magic Training or Archaeology, YOU DECIDE.
The Rules:

  • Going Rogue, Permadeath.
  • No mods that have any effect on gameplay (DECLARE ALL MODS)
  • Diggle gods disabled (your skills and items will still work, but everyone will finish on floor 10)
  • You Have To Name The Expansion Pack (YHTNTEP) required (but it’s free!)
  • No Time to Grind allowed
  • Conquest of the Wizardlands expansion required
  • You may use the Pocket Dimension but you are not allowed to go to Wizardlands (you shouldn’t anyway, your game will crash).
  • Screenshot of character with inventory and character sheet visible at Start, and one again of your Death Screen. (Simple way to take a screenshot: hit “Prt Sc” button on your keyboard, then open the Paint program and press “Ctrl+v” buttons. Then save and upload the image for free without registering at imgur.com)
  • The winner is the person with most points. They get to make next week’s challenge and can change the rules as much as they want.
  • This challenge will run until 00:00:00 EDT on August 31st (That’s midnight)


I am including a prize for first and second, and I will give a special prize to the winner if they can beat me, but don’t get too exited because it’ll literally be chosen among stuff in my house. Likely it will contain games, nerd stuff, or possibly yarn, and I will mail it to you for free as long as shipping it would be less than $20 (I’ll give you a steam gift instead). If for some reason you do not want a prize that’s okay. This is a friendly competition, after all.

TL; DR: Mathemagic, Bankster, Tourism, Veganism, Magical Law, Unarmed, and either Magic Training or Archaeology, YOU DECIDE.

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Posted by Cake-Pie
Dated: 23rd August 2012
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