Probably the only reason I ever played games in the Burnout series was to attempt to rekindle the feeling of joy/evil/destruction I had while playing Carmageddon. To put this well for those of you too young to remember: you know how Jack Thompson hates the Grand Theft Auto franchise? In its day, there was a lot of hatorade for Carmageddon. Just look at this guy:



He very much wants to kill you


Censored and banned all over the place when it was released for the PC in 1997 (and not just based on this amazing cover art) Carmageddon still managed to wow gamer audiences and drove itself into sequel: Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now.


Now I’m not just impressed by a game’s controversy. If you’ve actually played Carmageddon (please not on the N64) you know its glory. This game is just so good. I mean, you can run over people, you can do sweet tricks with the various ramps, you can race like a care bear and try not to die trying to place first, or you can just try to kill your opponents. In C2 you can make all the people have really huge heads.  It’s magic.


Sadly, like many classic games, this is not the kind of thing you can go back to play. So you have somewhat of a vague understanding of why I’m really glad to see a Kickstarter for this classic death racing game, here’s the best part: $15 buys you this game when it’s out.


Other than Stainless having a pretty good sense of humor, I feel inspired by the fact that they claim to have already invested a quarter of a million into this project of their own money. I like that they are willing to bleed for this game, because blood seems to be a special ingredient for making a good Carmageddon. I mean, with a lot of old fans like me wanting to see this work, they have to be able to deliver. Otherwise someone could drive a car through their house out of spite or something. I mean, fans are jerks (ask BioWare), and I’d hate it if something made Jack Thompson right. Basically what I’m saying is: Stainless Games, you can’t disappoint rabid Car Killing game fans. You just can’t. They’re savages (probably).


Also, I want to play a good game, and isn’t what I want just so important? SOOOOO IMPORTANT!!

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2 Responses to “New Kickstarter: Carmageddon: Reincarnation”

  1. Jordan Says:

    I remember playing this a long time ago when my dad got the demo off a Mac Addict trial CD. He was super pumped because it is apparently based apon a movie called “DeathRace 2000” in which a collapsed United States entertains the masses and curbs the growing population with a ridiculous cross country race in which the drivers try to kill each other and everything else around them. The main character is a government stooge named Frankenstein.

    Yes this movie is as awesome as it sounds. The only thing that made him more excited was when we ran over the flag guy who starts the race- Something that we had been wanting to do since every racing game ever. And on top of that not only did the game allow us to do it… it gave us EXTRA points to do so. Thanks Carmageddon.


  2. Tiffany Martin Says:

    Oh I am so looking forward to this. They got their funding!


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Dated: 8th May 2012
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