Image is a photo of the contents of an open box from the Julep subscription. On the top of the contents is a card that reads: Simply bewitching. The card has photos of 2 nail polishes, a couple of painted gourds (one black one red with black crackle). The polishes are similar colors and also pictured is a  bottle nail drying drops.In general, I’m a very picky person, but like most of us I get excited at the prospect of receiving presents of glorious beauty wonders on a monthly basis. I’ve been researching the various subscription services, and reading reviews done by other beauty bloggers, and even so I’ve only been able to select TWO services that meet my criteria. The problem is that beauty subscriptions are still a new concept, so I think the experiment phase is happening now, where some companies are figuring out what to do. That said, my criteria are actually not super demanding: I need a service that allows me to skip months, and a service that allows some basic level of choice/customization. That’s it! Even still, only two services have met that: Beauty Army, and Julep.

I first learned about Julep from reading about it on Ekiblog back in February. Julep was having a deal where you can “sign up” for their subscription, pay nothing (well, you pay a penny so they can set up your theoretical subscription payments) and receive one free box of nail stuff. I was thinking this was the same trick magazines do where they make it hard to cancel but in reality Julep wasn’t like that. They’ve been a fun subscription with excellent customer service. I’ve been with them since March and I plan to continue.

Here’s the greatest thing about them: if you’re poor, hate the boxes, have too much nail polish (guilty) you can just decide to skip the month. Heck, you can just skip your month every time forever if you want, no limits. I know some people who did the deal back in March just to get the free stuff and have been “skipping” ever since, never paying for a single box. As for me, I’ve enjoyed them. The biggest issues have been a box that didn’t arrive (they just sent me a free box the next month), and one polish with a chippy formula (I’ll do a mass review of Julep products and tell you which one it was). They over-deliver with extra freebies in a lot of boxes, which always makes me feel like I got a good deal for my money.

Julep boxes are $19.99 (includes shipping), and usually come with two polishes and a Julep product. Most polishes retail (on the Julep site) for $14 so according to that your box is a good deal. If you don’t like products and only want nail color there is always the option of the “It Girl” box which only contains nail polish (you get three polishes). When you sign up, the box you get is determined by a personality quiz which I actually think is annoying, but after the quiz you’re either a “Bombshell”, “Classic with a Twist”, “American Beauty”, “Boho Glam”, or “It Girl”. Thankfully every month you’re allowed to change the box, so if you’re a Boho Glam and you like the Bombshell box you can just ask them to change it and you’ll get the Bombshell box. No fascism here!

After having used this service for about eight months now I do like it, I’d recommend it for people who love nail polish and are looking for a subscription service, especially people new to nail stuff because you’ll be interested in on-trend colors and trying new things like their various products.

Another thing I like is that any time you order a box you can also “add on” up to three things from that month’s selection (including polishes and products from other boxes) at a huge discount (the “add-on” polishes are $4.99 and product prices vary).

If you’re thinking it’d be fun to try, or you’d just like to get some free polish this is my referral link (or use my invitation code 1682989) and if you decide to try it out they’ll send you a free box for one penny with the option to cancel or skip months. I know you’re not in love with me but if you try out Julep with my referral, your generosity produces Julep bonus points (called “Jules”) which I can use to buy boxes and products after you purchase a box for real. Thanks to any of you who decide to use my referral. Anyone who uses Julep can refer others the same way, so I don’t have any special affiliation with Julep at all. As it says on the site:

      You earn 1,000 Jules for referring a friend to Julep Maven
      300 Jules for each full priced Maven box you are billed for
      200 Jules on your Birthday
      500 Jules on your Maven anniversary
      750 Jules when you pay for the monthly upgrade box.
      You even get 100 points just for becoming a Maven!


This month, I got a fall/Halloween-themed box. I’m a “Bombshell” and for $19.99 here’s what it came with:
Image is a picture of the contents of a Julep box. Inside you can see a card explaining allergen risk, a packet of candy corn, two glitter containers (one orange, one obscured by glare), and unopened parcels.

Unexpected freebies! Two free glitters and a packet of candy corn for Halloween.

Image is a photo of all of the box contents laid out on a table. From left to right, a bottle of quick dry nail drops, a bottle of black crackle nail color, a bottle of oxblood color nail polish, a packet of candy corn, a container of black glitter, and a container of coppery orange glitter.

The contents of my box unveiled! Quick Dry Nail Drops, Black Crackle Polish (“Ursula”), Oxblood Polish (“Keira”), Nail Glitters in black and coppery orange, and some nummy candy corn. Don’t judge me, I love candy.

Image is a photo of the quick dry polish drops from Julep

I’m not sure how well this one works, but most quick dry stuff makes polish a bit more brittle. I’ll let you know how this stuff works after I have a chance to try it longer.

Image is a photo of black crackle nail polish from Julep

Black crackle polish in “Ursula.” Even though crackle polish is falling out of trend, I enjoy the option of using it. My roommate did a cool neon pedicure with this on top, and it seems like a solid formula. (You have to apply it over a color or you’ll have naked nail show through).

Image is a photo of an oxblood red nail color from Julep

Oxblood polish in “Keira.” On trend for fall and such a gorgeous color! Love it so much, expect to see this in upcoming manis.

Image is a photo of a packet of candy corn.

Mmmm candy corn! Everyone thinks this stuff is gross except me.

Image is a photo of a container with fine black glitter for use in nail art.

Free glitter! Looks like a great idea for Halloween nails a-brewing!

Image is a photo of a container of fine coppery orange glitter for use in nail art.

More free glitter, gorgeous copper orange. Perfect for a lot of things… what to choose?

Image  is of a box and a bottle of Julep nail polish in the color Caroline, a reddish pearly color.

Coppery red in “Caroline.” I got an add-on this month, and for some reason they send them separately. Weird, right?

Image is a close-up photo of Julep's Caroline color. A coppery red for fall.

“Caroline” up close. So pretty!


That’s all for this month!
Products were all purchased by me, check out my disclosure for more info.

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4 Responses to “Julep Review + October Julep “Bombshell” Box”

  1. Rhonda Says:

    LOVES!!! I ordered Julep as well and got the quick dry. Personally I love it. I haven’t used the glitter yet, I’m a bit afraid of making a mess.

    Recently I tried Red Carpet Box. I was impressed with what they had.


    Tiffany Martin Reply:

    I’ll have to check out Red Carpet Box, I’ve never heard of them before, maybe you should do a review? (I checked out your blog too, looks like you’re just starting out, keep it up ^_^)

    I haven’t used the glitter yet either, but that’s okay it gave me some ideas! I’m thinking of trying to apply it to wet nails with a brush, seeing if I can control glitter easier than I can with nail polish glitter.


  2. Jennifer Says:

    It looks like you got some great things. I love that they included candy corn!! πŸ™‚

    I received my first box (here is the unboxing along with how to navigate the Julep website and a coupon code … ). I do have to say that the box was fun, but I got it for 1 cent with the code. Will I stick with it? Probably not because I do take care of my nails, but I’m not really big into spending $$ on them. I did receive some great products, though! πŸ™‚


  3. Tiffany Martin Says:

    Jennifer, I think I got some good stuff, Julep polish formulas seem to be inconsistent though. Some of them are fab gorgeous, others are chippy, thick, or they don’t look as good as stock photos. I def have my faves, and I’m working on a roundup post of those ^_^


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