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Hey guys, I’m so excited to share with you my latest haul, from the Land of the Rising Sun: Japan!! I didn’t go myself (I wish!) but a friend of mine was visiting Japan and offered to pick up a few things for me, how fortunate, right?!

Granted, I was *supposed* to be on a no-buy, but it’s not every day I can ask a friend to walk into a shop in Japan and pick up some things for me. I gave him a budget of around 5000 Yen (~$53 USD) and a few specifications. I didn’t feel too picky because no matter what he bought I was sure I’d like it (if not, I could trade it). I was not disappointed!

One thing to note with Japanese brand makeup and nail polish is that a lot of the products are MUCH smaller size/amount than what you may be used to. In a way, I like this model better, because I rarely hit pan with my makeup, and if you have so much left when it goes bad it feels truly wasteful to throw it out. Also, every time a new product line or color comes out I always want to try them, so if portions were smaller I’d waste less and I’d get to try more stuff.

See what I got:

haul from Japan


1.  Kanebo Kate white nail polish (WT-5) 5ml 400¥
2.  Majolica Majorca Speedy and Glossy lilac nail polish (Vl311) 4.5ml 380¥
3.  Majolica Majorca Speedy and Glossy light chartreuse (GR714) 4.5ml 380¥
4.  Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss Neo (PK247) 6.5g 480¥
5.  Kanebo Kate Concealing Color Powder Foundation for Cover (color unknown) FREE
6.  Kanebo Kate Goldish Eyes (PK-1) 3.5g 1600¥
7.  Kanebo Kate Cheek Color (PK-1) 2.7g 1300¥
8.  Kanebo Kate Cheek Color (OR-1) 2.7g 1300¥
9.  K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h 1 Day Tattoo Super Black (SB101) ~1200¥
10. Rohto Lycee eyedrop (non-contacts formula) 8ml (not sure price, avg seems to be ~700¥)
11. Sentimental Circus tissues FREE

The first thing you may notice other than how cute their packaging is in general (#11 how cute!!), is that my friend bought a lot more than 5000¥ worth of products. I think some of the products may have been on sale or buy 1 get 1, but still a great selection of makeup, don’t you think?

kanebo kate blushes or-1 and pk-1
Based on how light these colors are, I thought they’d have low payoff.
In fact, a little goes a long way and the color really shows up!
I wasn’t sure I’d like them but I love these Kate blushes!

rohto lycee eye drops non contact
A lot of things go wrong with my eyes because of Lyme Disease.
I’ve had 3 facial paralyses (*Yikes*) and so my eyes don’t make moisture too well now.
Western eyedrops are ugly and medical looking,
but what a mood boost to use eye drops that are so pretty!
The pink is a natural color from the B vitamins and not a dye (;

majolica majorca speedy and glossy v1311 lilac nail polish
New cute lilac from my beloved Speedy and Glossy line by Majolica Majorca.
If you guys remember my birthday nails were a teal jelly from this line,
but this one is more of a cream.
(read here to see MM’s teal jelly compared to the skinfood nail vita bl514).
It’s very easy to use, smooth like satin.
Great color payoff and perfect for spring (if it ever gets here!)

This green was impossible to photograph,
it’s a lovely and cute spring chartreuse and in the pics I took it looks too mossy.
Photo courtesy of Polish Police because she took a better photo than me.
I think the true color is actually a bit lighter than this photo though.
Check her blog out for more swatch photos

kanebo kate goldish eyes pk-1 plus concealing cover
I’ve played with the Kate palette a little, and the gold and pink are a light wash of color
while the white and brown are more pigmented.
You can layer the pink and gold on top of other colors
and you can wear them alone for a subtle look. So far enjoying this palette.
As for the cover powder concealer I haven’t tried it much,
but it has a very nice finish upon swatching.

k-palette 1 day tattoo real lasting eyeliner 24h super black
This was one of my MUST HAVES, and my friend luckily was able to find it despite knowing no Japanese and having no experience with beauty products at all.
You guys, so far I am NOT disappointed: it glides on easily, easy to control, looks very pretty! Because my hands are weak and disordered eyeliner is hard for me but now I can do it. I will keep buying these pen-type eyeliners and recommend them to people with neurological problems, arthritis, or weakness like I have or even if you can’t draw and just want a convenient eyeliner ^_^.

majolica majorca honey pump gloss neo pk-247

This one is the saddest, I haven’t opened or swatched her even. Poor thing. Mostly waiting because I have too much lip goo right now, and I want to wait until I run out of something before opening so it has a longer shelf life.


That’s my haul! First time ever getting a lot of makeup from Japan like this, and for some of the products it’s the first I’ve tried of Japanese brands ^_^ I read a lot about them but it’s so much better having them in person to use and try different looks.
I know a lot of people won’t love Japanese brands even if the quality and colors are great because most products are such a small size. What about you? Do you think big sizes are good or are small better in some ways?
And a fun question for everyone:

If makeup generally came in smaller sizes would you still want to buy it (even if it were priced the same)?

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20 Responses to “JAPAN JAPAN JAPAN Haul!!”

  1. Natasha Says:

    Squee!!! Pretty colors! I do think twice about buying Japanese nail polish — those little bottles are so tiny! And they cost the same as a full sized OPI bottle…but I did break down and buy a cute little set of peach shimmers that you are supposed to use for an ombre look and I love them — the coverage and color are fantastic.

    The eyedrops look supercute — most eyedrops do not — I’m so glad they work for you! And they’re pink!


    Tiffany Martin Reply:


    Even though they can be expensive, there are some things I like about Japanese polish. I think what’s fun is some of the varieties and colors/textures etc are such cuteness, and sometimes harder to find here. You’re right though, they can be too much money!

    I think I remember some of the JP polishes you had, were they the PA brand?

    Those eyedrops have been giving me a little +1 bonus to happiness whenever I use them. Though some people might find them surprisingly “cool” when they hit the eyes, unlike western drops (like Visine) which can make your eyes feel tight. I think these are LESS uncomfortable than western drops but it’s good for people to know, be prepared as they say, right?


    Natasha Reply:

    Yep. You remembered right. PA… really pretty peach shades…


    Tiffany Martin Reply:

    MMM HMM~ I really want to try those! (: Wishlist!

  2. Sam Bear | A Curiosity Says:

    I feel like Japanese products are wayyy too girly for me – I think if I had a 13-15 year old niece I would get them for her as a gift! That’s really the only reason why I’m not too keen on purchasing Japanese products!


    Tiffany Martin Reply:

    OH yeah they are very “girly” by western standards, where anything cute is considered to be for children, but in Asian countries this is not always true.

    Grown ass women with hello kitty purses, just sayin’

    As for me, I love cute things ^_^


  3. Dawn Says:

    Great haul! I love Japanese cosmetics, the packaging are always cute. I think no matter how old I get, I will always be a sucker for cute packaging, haha. The eyeshadow palette is nice, great a a subtle look šŸ™‚

    P.S.- I followed you on bloglovin dear, hope you can return the favor ^^

    Dawn @ Pursiko.com > Check out my La Mer Giveaway


    Tiffany Martin Reply:


    Thanks, I am really loving them too, though typically I tend to buy Korean products, I have a special place in my heart now for Japanese makeup ^_^

    I have been playing with the eyeshadow palette and it makes me want to buy the other goldish eye palettes in other colors, the texture is smooth and sheer with some colors, and opaque with others. It’s fun to play around with!


  4. Arya Says:

    great haul, I love to go to Japan myslf and would buy hada labo and cure and the k palette eyeliner (heard a lot of great reviews and many claimed it as their hg) which we have here but it’s too expensive. I’m surprised though that there’s no hello kitty stuff in your haul (since Japan is the land of Hello Kitty ^.^)


    Tiffany Martin Reply:


    I definitely need to pick up more JP skincare products, especially Hada labo! The K-palette eyeliner is not disappointing, so I recommend it now that I’ve had time to try it out ^_^

    I don’t have any Hello Kitty because my friend who went to Japan is a guy and doesn’t know a lot about cute stuff, and because so many things are expensive I couldn’t risk picking up something I wouldn’t like (: If I went myself, my suitcase would be full of cuteness, including HK for sure ^_^

    I hope to go to Japan someday!


  5. Eva Says:

    DROOL! I love this haul and you are so lucky to have friend visiting Japan!

    I would still buy makeup even if came in smaller sizes! These nail polish looks so good! Everything looks soo cute <3


    Tiffany Martin Reply:


    I definitely felt lucky! He was so nice, and despite being there for business and also being a guy he generously looked for what I asked him to find. I was so excited especially for the Rohto drops and the k-palette eyeliner!!

    I too like the polish in small sizes, the colors I want to wear change with my mood, and sometimes my polish dries up before I use it all, and I feel bad wasting it. I’d especially like smaller sizes IF they were also cheaper, though ^_^


  6. Kerry Says:

    What an amazing haul! I really want to get my hands on those cute Kate blushes and those Lycee eye drops!


    Tiffany Martin Reply:


    I was SO EXCITED when my friend sent me pictures of the haul, I was already planning makeup looks hehe.

    The Kate blushes are very high quality for the cost, and surprisingly pigmented (they “look” sheer but they’re not!). A little goes a long way. I also have some cream blushes from canmake that I like a lot, and I’m not sure which ones I like best just yet (: I love them all, I guess.

    I wrote a little about the Lychee drops in other comments, they’re great and make me happy when I use them. The cooling feeling is good for me, I have irritated eyes (but not necessarily redness) so I like these better than like, visine.


  7. Chloe Says:

    wow! what a haul c: i think if i ever went to japan i’d just go crazy! i love asian make up and everytime i go to hk, i get sucked into all the cute packaging :3
    i love japanese liquid eyeliners!

    Ć  la foliee


    Tiffany Martin Reply:


    I know what you mean! I think if I ever went to Japan I’d need to bring an empty suitcase with me, and about $1000 lol. I’d be so tempted to fill it with makeup, skincare, HK and Liz Lisa (:

    This is my first JP eyeliner, and I have to say it outperforms some of my expensive western products. A must-have HG for sure! I still want to try Dolly Wink though~


  8. Bethany Says:

    Oh my God. *w* So much want. Particularly the eye-liner, because I’m so bad with it. Haha. I wish the tissues were actually palette. Can you imagine how cute that design would be? >.>

    I like products that I can use up around expiry time. But not too small unless they’re accessible to me, because repurchasing online can be a pain.


    Tiffany Martin Reply:


    I know right? I look at my own haul and go “I want to play with my makeup” lol, silly right?

    You should totally try this liner, it’s effortless! Normally my weak, neurologically disadvantaged little hands can’t do eyeliner without a ton of time and labor, but this makes it easy.

    The tissues are a brand in Japan, like sanrio. So as far as I know you can get a LOT of things in Sentimental Circus. Google it, there may even be makeup palettes!

    As for smallness, I’m like you, I like to use things up before they expire. It’d be nice if some makeup came in smaller amounts (And if it cost a little less actually) so I could buy more colors and play with more stuff without throwing a ton out either.


  9. Sam Murakami Says:

    What a nice haul! I lived in Japan for a while and I definitely see your excitement! I miss a lot of products from there…. I can only recommend the Lycee Drops, they are sooo amazing for your eyes. And I have the exact same nail colors from Majolica Majorca šŸ˜€ I don’t think it stays long enough on your nails, though. Great that your friend was able to pick sth up for you! ^-^


    Tiffany Martin Reply:


    Awesome, you lived in Japan!?! So jelly ^_^ What do you miss the most?

    I am really loving the Lychee drops, and I think I may have to bulk order these, they just make my life a little brighter (:

    You have the same MM colors! Outstandingly coincidental >_> I also have them in one more color (GR222) if you’ve tried that one too (:

    I find my nail polish can last up to 5 days now if I use the Julep polymer topcoat (even the MM stuff). I HAVE to review that you guys.


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