An image of etude house brand hand cream in a package shaped like a white, black, and pink panda. A peach is pictured on the belly of the animal. It is smiling and very cute.In order to stay on top of things, I read a lot of beauty blogs. I enjoy learning about products, finding the best stuff, and just reading what other people are into. It’s fun to get into other people’s purchases and see what they’re drawn to, and what they actually buy! This is my first “haul” post, and if you’re unfamiliar, the idea is to show you what I got. This isn’t a review, but I plan to review items from this haul (some were really good purchases!).
I bought a number of items from recently during their free US shipping deal (love it!) and I also got a few of my items on sale. Imomoko is a good online dealer for Asian cosmetics and beauty products. It’s a HORDE of goods, essentially, some good deals some bad (just like shopping at Sephora), and you can be sure that the products are authentic. Right now with the Asian cosmetic and beauty import market being limited there are fake products out there for popular Asian cosmetics and skincare. I know for a FACT that even cheaper items like My Beauty Diary masks are imitated. Who knows what’s in the knock off? Not a good idea to test that one out on yourself, so if you want to try Asian cosmetics know that there certainly are safe places to buy like Imomoko and don’t get all freaked out about fakes because the western market has fakes too (most people don’t have to import stuff from their own country obviously, so a lot of people don’t know how bad imitations can be). Just be aware if someone is offering full size goods at ludicrous prices you are taking a risk.
On with it!
I love Imomoko, their pricing is usually pretty good, and if you watch the prices or get email notifications you can get into some better deals. I bought like 12 “sheet masks” this time around, and also a “sleeping pack” (I love masks!). I’ll write a post that talks more about what these products are, I’ve tried many western products as well as Asian products and let me just say there is no western analog to compare to these products to. Due to my efforts and experiments I enjoy the benefits of better skin and I am addicted to many of these uniquely Asian products.

Image shows 5 different packages of single sheet masks, one tiny package of blue-ish nailcolor, one cute panda box, one box with 7 sheet masks, and one cute apple package. These are pictured together as a haul.

#1. Brand: Beauty Credit
Product: Sheet Mask
Name of product: Strawberry Milk Sheet Mask
I paid: $1.99

#2. Brand: Sizuku
Product: Sheet Mask
Name of product: Natural Pulp Essence Face Mask “Yuzu”
I paid: $1.50
#3. Brand: Sizuku
Product: Sheet Mask
Name of product: Natural Pulp Essence Face Mask “Peony”
I paid: $1.50
#4. Brand: Sizuku
Product: Sheet Mask
Name of product: Natural Pulp Essence Face Mask “Apple”
I paid: $1.50
#5. Brand: Sizuku
Product: Sheet Mask
Name of product: Natural Pulp Essence Face Mask “Aloe”
I paid: $1.50
#6. Brand: Shiseido/Majolica Majorca
Product: Nail Polish
Name of product: Artistic Nails Speedy & Glossy (#GR222 Sudden Impulse) (4.5ml)
I paid: $6.99
#7. Brand: Etude House
Product: Hand Creme
Name of product: Missing U Hand Cream (#03 Orange Panda)
I paid: It’s a gift for someone so I will not say what I paid.
#8. Brand: My Beauty Diary
Product: Sheet Mask
Name of product: Top 7 Sellers Mask Pack (7 Sheets)
I paid: $9.44
#9. Brand: Baviphat
Product: Sleeping Pack
Name of product: Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack (100g)
I paid: $10.79

I was so excited about the Sizuku masks and I have already used the Apple (here’s the review!), and the My Beauty Diary masks were such a good price (Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Arbutin, Black Pearl, Bird’s Nest, Red Vine, Aloe) I fancied very much being loaded on sheet masks for a while.
Most Asian packs and bucket packaging come with little spatulas or applicators so your grubby little hands don’t contaminate your product. Baviphat has possibly the cutest “spatula” ever.

 Image shows an opened package of baviphat apple ac therapy sleeping pack, with the top placed to the side and the protective cover still on the product. The package is made to look like an apple, with a cute leaf on the product top, and a tiny spoon with it's own nest on the protective cover. The words "Cute Spoon" indicate where the spoon nests.

Most of these products look delicious, and so far the one’s I’ve been using smell delicious too. A slight word of warning, do not actually consume any of the products listed in my haul.

Pictured is a person's hand holding the cute spoon from the baviphat apple package pretending to dip into the beauty credit strawberry yogurt sheet mask. The words NUM NUM are placed at the top of the image. The hands holding the spoon are expertly manicured in a delightful summer orange color.

Thank you for reading! If you have special interest in any of the products let me know so I can prioritize my upcoming reviews!

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16 Responses to “Imomoko Haul”

  1. Tomala Says:

    Oh man, that looks so cool! I love Oriental themed stuff. Might have to snoop around the site just for kicks.


    Tiffany Martin Reply:

    Might be a fun time! If you see anything interesting google for reviews and see what you find.

    I’ve gotten a lot of great products that way!


  2. Renee Says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I never heard of IMOMOKO before, but it does sound like a pretty useful site! Hope to see you around the blogs <3



    Tiffany Martin Reply:

    Imomoko rules. The biggest benefit is the selection, and the authenticity. Fakes are scary!

    I’ll be around, look for me in the comments (;


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  4. Eva Says:

    Nice stuff! How are you liking the Etude handcream? I was thinking of buying it but I’m kinda skeptical about the price!


    Tiffany Martin Reply:

    I didn’t use the hand cream myself, that was a birthday gift for my friend, but be mindful that it comes with a very small amount of product. Mostly great for the cute packaging but I can’t imagine it lasting very long or being so great it’d be worth the price. I wish I could tell you more >:


    Eva Reply:

    nO worries, I read that it was a present “from” a friend instead “for” sorry lol!


    Tiffany Martin Reply:

    Haha, well it’s easy to misread. I wish I could tell you more but I wouldn’t have bought it for myself, as the price was so high for the amount. If you try it you should let me know how it is for you ^_^

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  8. Barbara Says:

    Ebay also has a lot of korean/asian masks and a lot of sellers with free shipping.


    Tiffany Martin Reply:


    I buy a bunch on ebay now (best prices around!), but sometimes I worry about fakes so I still purchase masks on imomoko and sasa.


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