It’s been a while everyone! Normally if I don’t post it’s because I’m too sick, but this month I’ve been helping organize for a local gaming group (The Vermont Gaming Community). All April long we’ve had Boardgame nights on Thursdays from 5-11pm, and it’s a lot of work, so I had to set aside blogging for a bit until I regained the balance. It’s starting to get simpler to set up and I can get back to writing ^_^ Thanks to Lyme I have to pick and choose between goals, but I’m glad that I get to do this and work with people in the community!

game night red dragon inn
Red Dragon Inn, high fantasy drinking game simulator.
In my opinion, it’s more fun than the real thing.

game night betrayal at house on the hill
Accounts say this was one epic game of Betrayal at House on the Hill, a horror-style boardgame. The board “develops” as you play (discovering rooms), and at a point in the game the “Haunt” will begin, usually designating one person as a “Betrayer”. Some scenarios are divergent from that formula, instead pitting players against each other, or against the house.


Because of Boardgame nights, I got to try a lot games I’ve never played, like Race for the Galaxy, which is my current fave, and also Quarriers. Classic games like Dominion (yes I have noticed that not one of these is actually a “board game” in the sense of having a board) were also popular. The group I’ve been organizing for is about 400 members, and so our turnout is pretty healthy, about 20 people or so come out to play (more if you count people who can’t stay long), and about half of attendees are female (awesome!). It’s getting pretty popular so in May the plan is to have Boardgames on Saturday, and to run Magic the Gathering on Thursdays. If you play Boardgames share in the comments, tell me what you like to play! Even Monopoly counts (:

Anyone else play Magic? It can sure be expensive! A lot of people in the area seem to be comfortable using proxies (stand-in cards) because of the expense. To me, it’s great having people who can play with us, and thanks to some of the members of the community we have decks on-hand for players to use, which enables us to include people from all socio-economic classes. Poverty not being as much of an issue with a collectible card game is awesome.

Some of my attentive readers noticed I had dyed my hair pink again a while back. I used N’Rage in Bubblegum pink. It was a very pretty color, but did not last as long as the last time, and I can’t remember what dye I used that time because it was so long ago (in 2011). The new color is all gone now, and I’m back to just white blonde, but I got a cool new wasteland-style haircut a couple weeks ago, complete with adorbs bangs (: Not much in the way of pics on that one yet, but if you guys are into seeing it I’ll put forth effort and conquer the photos.

Which color should I dye my hair next? Tangerine and yellow gradient, or teal? Have your own suggestions?

picture is of the cakepie with vibrant pink dye in her hair from about 4 inches from the top throughout the hair. The top is white-blonde.
Hella cool camwhoring in the midst of the dyeing process.
Makes me think dreds would look good. Too late, now, I cut it (:
Be nice to me, I’m not wearing makeup!
(Also, this is the shirt I’m wearing to dye my hair in, because I’m a barbarian no more!)

The cakepie immediately after the dye is washed out, so the color is less vibrant, but hot pink. Hair is wavy.
Washed once I think, after dyeing. I was kinda going for a little bit of a gradient by mixing the top part with conditioner so it’d be less vibrant. What do you think, was I successful?

The hair has faint pink now, only on the ends. The hair is straight also, and the cakepie is wearing winged eyeliner but no lipstick.
This is about a week later, and a different hairstyle. What do you think?
I’m also getting better at eyebrow drawing, here are my most believable eyebrows yet!

I hope you guys enjoyed my update, I’ll be posting more beauty stuff soon, and I am behind on comments but I READ THEM ALL. If I’m having a bad day comments are one of my little tactics to cheer myself up (; I also enjoy the letters I get, and if you write me one it might be a slow reply from me but you WILL have one ^_^

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17 Responses to “I didn’t die!!”

  1. Kerry Says:

    Love the pink hair, and the brows look spectacular! I have to freehand my brows daily because of my trichotillomania, so I know it’s no small task. I vote for the tangerine yellow gradient for your hair. It’d be nice and sunny for the spring/summer. So glad you weren’t sick!


    Tiffany Martin Reply:


    Thanks! I love having pink hair a lot, but I tend to do the same thing all the time which is dull. I think tangerine/yellow would look sweet, and I hope it looks as cute as I imagine with a pinky pink blush!

    Tricotillomania can be such a beauty nightmare >: I have a friend who has this as well. I have tried to choose good eyebrow shapes, and I used to do the superthin style when it was more popular. People seem to like the thick brows, and I hate arches they make me look witchy (: So the solution is straight thick drawn-on brows. Sounds like a challenge? It is! So thank you for saying I did it well, I like the nice feedback ^_^

    I got a righteous cold last week and I’m still feeling it, this must be just what I get for having improvement in my Lyme treatment and then TELLING PEOPLE lol. They always say it jinxes things~

    Thanks for commenting! ^_^


  2. Punning Pundit Says:

    I’m seriously in love with Betrayal at House on the Hill. Race for the Galaxy is a game I want to love, but can’t quite get my brain around. The good news is that Race is literally a beta for a game called San Juan- which is super fun.

    If you’ve not picked up Cards Against Humanity, I cannot recommend it highly enough- though I warn you that it will show you all the dark sides of your friends and acquaintances. And it’s a major giggle.

    Dominion is another great game- it’s Seaside expansion is even better- and can be a standalone game if you bring the victory and money cards from the base deck.

    Even “better” than Dominion is Thunderstone. Thunderstone is a sort of DND version of Dominion. Thunderstone is moderately more complicated, but the complexity makes for some awesome gameplay. Warning- the box doesn’t make setup very fast. Caveat: I enjoy this game so much that I’ve considered designing and building my own box to make setup a lot faster and easier.


    Tiffany Martin Reply:

    Hey Punning Pundit!

    I love Betrayal, played it a lot this year! It’s quite popular at boardgame night. Race is also growing in popularity as well. I have heard of San Juan and I think I played it many years ago. Maybe someone will bring it and I can try it (though NOT being in space is a slight mark against it). The community events make everything kind of a potluck.

    I’ve played a lot of Cards Against Humanity but it has lost its appeal for me, too much of the same thing over and over. Once you’ve talked about hitler’s bleached netherplaces once, you get sick of it, haha.

    I’ve played SO MANY Dominion expansions. My favorites are Prosperity and Dark Ages. We don’t have expansions floating around game night yet.

    I have not played Thunderstone, but thanks for the rec. I like the idea of a Dominion with another layer or two of complexity.

    Great recs I loved reading what you liked and getting boardgamer deets ^_^


  3. Porter Says:

    I vote for the teal to be honest, I think it would look great 🙂

    As for Cards Against Humanity, yes, and more yes. It’s Apples to Apples, but 100x more drunk, rude, crude, vulgar, etc – I <3 it.


    Tiffany Martin Reply:

    I have had a tealing once before, it looked cute but back then it was but a streak, and my hair was less BLEACHY then haha.

    Cards Against Humanity and Apples to Apples I can play once, not over and over again. For me they’re both a bit played out. I think I’ve just gotten dull in my old age.


  4. Natasha Says:

    So glad you’ve been busy — sounds like a blast!

    I also vote for teal — I think it would make your eyes look bluer.


    Tiffany Martin Reply:


    It feels good to be busy again, of course this week I’ve been fighting a nasty cold, so I guess I spoke too soon about feeling well, haha. I’ll be back and productive again shortly (:

    I like the idea of a serious blue sometime, it’s not a bad suggestion, the thing is my eyes aren’t truly blue >: I’m not sure more blue would enhance that effect. Thank you for suggesting though, because really there’s only one way to find out (;


    Natasha Reply:

    My eyes aren’t really blue, either — they sort of tone with whatever color I’m around…so teals make them look greenish, blues make them look greyish and tangerine makes them look blue. Weird.


  5. Bethany Says:

    The pink here is gorgeous. I think the little gradient worked well. Next? TEAL! I’ll live vicariously through you, haha. I wanted my hair purple but my hair-dresser says it’d cost $300 and be terrible to my hair, because it’s been dyed black for some long. T___T

    I always liked the idea of board games like that, but I feel like I’m too slow to get the rules, even with the more simple kinds. -.-


    Tiffany Martin Reply:


    I thought the gradient looked good for a little while, but for some reason the color didn’t last so long this time. The other time I did pink it was almost like I couldn’t get it OUT of my hair. (Srsly pink for almost a year due to staining!)

    AGH that would be so expensive, $300??? Wow. I understand dying your hair black a lot might complicate matters. An idea: if you want to grow it out maybe use temporary (demi or semi permanant) blacks while your hair grows out, and with your new growth you’d be able to do the bleaching with less expense and less damage.

    I’m not a cosmetologist or anything but I do weird crap to my hair a lot. I did darker hair for a little while and the color looked really good.

    Oh as for boardgames, I think everyone feels that way when they start, but if someone knows how to teach you, and you play a couple non-serious “learning” games you start to get one game, then you can use that frame of reference for more games. I don’t know how often I’ve referred to other games to explain rules (; The more of them you pick up the easier the next ones are, so don’t be intimidated ^_^

    I hope you’ll try some games, I think you’d have fun with them ^_^


  6. Eva Says:

    I don’t have time to read your whole post but I LOVE THE PINK HAIR <3 And the pastel pink work out well on your hair cause it's white bleached and not yellow like my hair turned out cause I've been dyeing it brown.

    Also me and the man play Dominion and sometimes we play with his brother and sister too. I believe dominion is made by the same guy that made Magic the gathering? not sure!

    Take care xx


    Tiffany Martin Reply:


    Hehe, no problem I wrote a lot this time, huh?

    I hope including fun pictures helps tell the story without having to read everything~

    Thank you for such kind words about my pink hair, I love the pink too and it’s hard to dye it any other color (: For me I’m trying to slide out of my comfort zone a bit.

    Hey as for yellow, I used to have yellow too until I learned about TONING my hair. Purples and blues cancel out yellow, and there are products you can get that will do this! Try that out it will look soo good.

    OH nice you guys play dominion?? I love it!!


  7. Joshua Says:

    I like Betrayal a lot. The haunt rolls and random scenarios add a lot of replayability.

    There’s a little Magic card shop in my town that organizes drafts and prerelease events, but they tend to conflict with my work schedule. I’m not very good at Magic, but drafts can be really interesting since it combines the deck building and gameplay activities into a single thing.


    Tiffany Martin Reply:


    I like Betrayal a lot, I always seem to be in the mood to play it no matter what. I really want to beat that house, you know~

    Just like you, I enjoy replayability! Might explain why I’m also so into roguelikes. I feel like I should love my videogames, kinda too much maybe haha. I log hundreds of hours into every videogame I play, and I don’t always play cooool nyew titles >_> Do you play roguelikes too?

    Sounds cool that your town runs Magic events. I hope our community continues to grow, we could do drafts in the future (people love those!) or other kinds of events. Too bad you don’t live in my town (:


  8. Nancy H. Says:

    Your hair looks AWESOME!!!!
    This is really cool, I love playing games. OMG I used to play Magic way back in the day. Now that I remember I used to play a bunch of card games!


  9. Cake Pie » Blog Archive » Exciting NEWS! Life update, Efacemasks, NYCC! Says:

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