Hey guys. I’ve finally reached the max dosage for my Lyme disease medication (read about my struggle with Lyme here), so I haven’t been feeling too good lately, and with the holidays, well, there hasn’t been a lot of updating from me, has there? For those of you who follow me on Facebook I’ve been posting deals from the Good Old Games sale and the Steam sale (videogames), plus any awesome beauty sales I find (Sasa.com!). If you’re not following on FB, consider it. I find the best deals a lot of people miss + you may see awesomeness. Fair warning ^_^


Holidays were good for me, I had a lot of Korean food (my favorite!) which is TOTALLY not allowed considering my strict requirements. Doctors orders: I have to eat a very careful diet, you guys would not believe how boring it is, lol. I can’t eat at restaurants and no one makes compatible food so I have to bring food with me. Usually I’m good, but I have no resistance against delicious Korean foods (ddukbokki, kimchi, japchae, bulgogi, ermagherd so gerd!!). Perhaps then it’s a good thing that we don’t have Korean restaurants in Vermont, if we did I’d fail at my diet and get so sick!

Though mostly I’ve been too sick to play a lot of games, the ones I’ve spent the most hours on recently are Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility (Wii), and I just got The Sims 3 (PC) during the Steam flash sale. I’ve also been rocking Fortune Summoners Secret of the Elemental Stone (PC), which is unusual because I’m not typically into platformers, and they’re difficult due to my hands sucking at anything hands are supposed to do (like opening jars, writing legibly, holding objects, or jumping on shit missions in games). I’d say I enjoy all of these games so far, and yeah none are super hip roguelikes but I’ve been too sick, my brain can’t rogue. Every time I play I get Yet Another Stupid Death (YASD) because I can’t focus. So I’ve been playing more casual stuff for now.


As for makeup news, I hauled a bunch of secret stuff during The Body Shop sale over the weekend. All their gift sets were 50% off + I had a $15 off coupon (purchases over $50) + I had enough Love My Body “points” to get another $15 off. I basically saved millions and got a lot of nice stuff. The unsecret purchases were Cranberry body spray and Cranberry Diffuser (this thing makes the room smell pretty!). I really liked their holiday Cranberry smells but I just can’t pay full price for anything, so I waited. I’m glad I finally got the Cranberry things I wanted!

My family is kinda unconventional, so we’re doing our “Christmas” in a few days from now (IE not on actual Christmas). We’re a huge clan of people, some of my friends describe us as rural pirates. We’re raucous, we speak freely, we love games, we love food, and we include everyone. We’re like the most bizarre people and I love it. I have to say it’s much better celebrating Christmas AFTERWARD because no one is competing for where to spend Christmas, and everything is on sale, you can get your family better gifts after the holidays! I really like getting the most value for my money ^_^

I have a mega backlog of wonderful reviews I can’t wait to share with you guys, so look forward to seeing more of that coming up! And get ready, I plan to cover games a lot more as I start to feel better again. I miss telling you about my favorite roguelikes, and one of my goals is to teach more people how to play them, so you should expect to see tutorials and guides the moment I can put them together. How fun, right? The last awesomeness you can look forward to will be a BLOG SALE!! Who doesn’t love sales? I’ll have games, beauty products, outifts, and maybe a few random things, so stay tuned in so you don’t miss it.

As a gift for the holidays, maybe you can give some feedback for me? I’d love to know more about you!

  • What Cake-pie changes are you most looking forward to?
  • Do you have any favorite past Cake-pie reviews?
  • What games do you play?
  • How were your holidays?

HAPPY NEW YEAR and I hope you’ll continue to follow me into the next year ^_^ I’m looking forward to the new year, the new changes to the blog, and getting better from Lyme (: Oh, and new makeup releases from Wet n Wild!! I love reading all your comments and engaging with you guys. Those of you waiting on packages I have not forgotten you!! I’m always slow but you can count on me (:

I want to leave you guys with a little something beauty-related:

Image is a photo of manicured fingers and a tiny bottle of nailcolor held in the hands. The color is a bluey teal shade in a jelly type of nail polish.
Majolica Majorca #GR222 “Sudden Impulse” This was my birthday mani, and I love this teal jelly polish. This is 3 coats, and it’s a possible dupe for Zoya Frida. (Picked this up during my Imomoko Haul in September)

Image is a photo of manicured fingers displayed next to two bottles of nail polish. The nails are painted in a frosty shimmery purple with gold glitter gradient tips. The polish bottles are the same as the nail colors.
Ice princess nails for winter! First time dealing with glitter, so forgive it if it’s not perfect. I like this look and I’d wear it again. Butter London Knackered and West End Wonderland.

Image is a photo of manicured fingers. They are painted a shimmery orange-peach and there are 3d fimo nail art applied to the nails in a cute style. The fimos are fruit slices, watermelon, strawberry, oranges, lemons, etc, and they are decorated with cute black stars.
My first time playing with 3d nail art. I have to say I NEVER wanted to take this mani off!! I got these fimos at Sally’s (but they’re cheaper on ebay). The polish is Julep Georgia.

Image is a photo of manicured nails, the color is a pink jelly with a lot of glittery bits, some of them are different size bits. The polish is a jelly type and the color is a hot pink.
I got this at Hot Topic for like $1.25 during their 50% off clearance sale (highly recommend Hot Topic sales!). This is three coats and the photo doesn’t do it justice. Pink glittery jelly color, almost sheer, very cute. My current favorite nail polish!

Image is a photo of nail polish packaging shaped like a skull. Inside is a cute jelly pink nail polish color with glitter in different sizes. The bottle is clear and the polish is easy to see.
Oh and this is the package for the Hot Topic nail polish above. How could I resist a pink glitter jelly nail polish IN A SKULL?

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13 Responses to “Happy New Year’s Post + Updates You Have to See!”

  1. Eva Says:

    I looove your nail arts <3 And the colours are so yummie (*_*) Happy new year and Happy Holidays in general! I also bought a lot of stuff from body shop sale (uk) on boxing day and today LOL! I'm gonna do a blog post about it ^^) One of the things I ordered is the Vitamin C moisturiser which I've noticed you have!

    Now for the feedback:

    -I'm not looking for any changes, I like your blog the way it is! I'm looking forward to seeing your posts more often though!
    -My favorite review is of the Oriental BB cream from Skin79 <3
    -I don't play games anymore but the last game I've played was Redident Evil Revelations on 3DS – I'm huge Resi Fan!!
    -My holidays was great, I've spent Christmas day with my fiancee's family ^^)

    Take Care Tiffany^^


    Tiffany Martin Reply:

    Thanks, Eva ^_^ I had so much fun doing my nails, I’m starting to really become a nail junkie (:

    Isn’t it so great when they have sales at The Body Shop they have such huge discounts. I never buy full price! I like the vit c moisturizer overall, it smells very good but I find with my oily skintype I have to put only a SMALL amount on or my face is crazy oily.

    Thanks for the feedback ^_^ I am planning to post more as my health (slowly) improves (: I hope to keep the posts high quality but my blog is destined to evolve over time ^_^

    Thank you for being such a great reader ^_^ I love your blog too!


    Eva Reply:

    I hope your healthy improves soon 🙂

    I’m thinking of getting the body shop card (it costs 5 gbp here), does it cost anything there?


    Tiffany Martin Reply:

    Yeah the card is $10USD, so far I’ve used it enough times to get the 5 points that give me $15 off a purchase. On my receipts they also give “$15 off your next purchase” and guess what? They can both be used on the same purchase. I recently bought some stuff during the holiday sale, something like $80 worth of products, but then I got $30 off. That ruled, not gonna lie (:

    As for my health, it should perk up, I now can not be made sicker by my meds (at least until I change meds, possibly in Feb). So at least for now I should get a break and if I’m lucky I’ll actually feel a bit better.

  2. OverlordTomala Says:

    mmmmm… I love Korean food. I am just a sucker for Kimchi.

    And of course, nice nails as always 🙂


    Tiffany Martin Reply:

    OH man Korean food is my Precious.

    Thanks for the nail compliment, I’m just an amateur but I try to learn new tech and get better over time. Hopefully as I evolve and share you guys can learn from me, or maybe become inspired ^_^ Great nails everywhere (:

    Thanks for reading ^_^ Your comments mean a lot to me!


  3. cominica Says:

    Happy new year 😀
    I lovee tokpokki a lot, hahah


    Tiffany Martin Reply:

    Right? Isn’t it the best, most irresistible thing? Thanks for coming here and saying hi ^_^ I love your blog!


  4. Megan Says:

    I hope to eventually nag you enough to get a review of the coastal scent palette 😛


    Tiffany Martin Reply:


    It’s nice to know you guys are interested in that one, I’ve got two huge palettes so the reviews should be pretty intense (:

    Of course that just means a lot more to cover in a review ^_^ It’ll be up as soon as I get enough pictures!


  5. Kim Says:

    Sorry your not feeling well. Remember this is a new year, so be hopeful for positive changes.

    As far as feedback goes:
    My favorite post has been the BB cream explanation.
    I play Fable III, try to play Halo 4, Kinect Star Wars, The Force, Lego Harry Potter and Batman (I have a little one, LOL.) Still a fan of the Rock Band and Guitar Hero, God of War, and some other old ones. For Christmans, my Husband and I got some more games that I can’t wait to try out… except Bioshock, that one creeps me out!


    Tiffany Martin Reply:


    Thanks ^_^ I should eventually get better, my doc says 2-3 years so I have a long road. If only I had a fellowship, lol.

    I love to write about BB so I should cover some more of the products I’ve tried. People seemed to like my BB write up, so more BB in the future ^_^

    Oh cool you play some of the games I like! I enjoy the rock band games, though I can’t play guitar hero anymore (my hands don’t work) and console titles are out. I beat the first bioshock and I really enjoyed it, amazing story!

    Thanks for the feedback, it helps me a lot to know what people like ^_^


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