I hate spending a lot of money on beauty if I think I can get something for less. Now, I’m willing to invest in items that are worth it, but I know the internet’s ways. There are always things on sale, and I want to know about them.

This isn’t a set of reviews, so if I get excited and say “Oh, man, those look neat and you can get 100 of them for $2” and you buy them and they mutate, breed, and then they rapidly take over your civilization, I won’t be held responsible. All I’m saying is, “Look, it’s on sale, bro.”

Who doesn’t love a sale? Nobody.


Image is of a coupon for ELF cosmetics. It reads: Today Only, Happy Mother's Day, Free Shipping, use code MOM2012 with $15 purchase by midnight and the disclaimer cannot be combined with other offers or previous purchases.
(Click on the image to make it bigger.)

E.L.F. or Eyes Lips Face is a brand I never see in stores here in Vermont, but they’re a budget beauty brand I’ve purchased from before (online). Their stuff is already dirt cheap but they have sales all the time, so I usually only buy when the sales are ridiculous. I figure if I’m paying $1 to try a color it wouldn’t be a huge loss if it were horrible, but if it’s awesome it would be a major gain. It’s a definite cost/benefit win.

This deal gives free shipping for any $15+ purchase with the code MOM2012 until midnight Sunday 13th (TODAY!).

Some exciting highlights:

Image is a stock photo of a four nail polish set by ELF. Colors include shades of pink, orangish pink, and reddish pink, and peachy pink.

ELF 4-piece nail color set



I don’t know if you guys could guess, but I really love pink. I don’t own these yet, though I did order them from this sale. These “ELF 4-piece nail color” polishes are in great trending shades, and for $5 it’s worth it to me to see if they look good on my actual hands. On the ELF site their user reviews amount to a 4.3/5 which is a high enough number that I won’t question the product’s feeding habits. It’s also a great selection for both spring and summer!













Image is a stock photo of ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick. Eleven different colors are shown including swatches of the shades and the actual product in the packaging.

ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick


ELF luscious liquid lipstick might be my favorite ELF product out of all the ones I’ve tried (I have “Raspberry” and “Perfect Pink”). They apply a nice amount of color in shades I actually want on my face, and they’re the right amount of glossy. You can’t screw these up, even if you don’t use a mirror when applying (so they’re great to put in your pocket for reapplying after food consumption). They’re not “long lasting” or any other such crap but who cares? They cost $1. It’s a good price if you want a lipstick you can wear, if you want to try colors out without wasting a lot of money, or if you think they might be delicious (they might be!). Site reviews are 4.3/5 for this one.


But really, there’s not much on this site that doesn’t have the potential to be a “deal” since it’s all pretty cheap. You might easily ring up $15 just to try out all the colors of a particular makeup. Other good purchases for me were the ELF Conditioning Lip Balm SPF 15 (Mellow Melon, Peaceful Pink) but I can’t apply these nicely without a lipstick brush (they look smudgy and need the support of a good lip line); ELF Blush (Pink Passion, Twinkle Pink, Gotta Glow) which is a little chalky but it doesn’t make them ugly, and they are really nice colors (I use Gotta Glow as a highlighter–works great for me); and I also really like the ELF Glossy Gloss (from the Department of Redundancy Department) which I have in only one color “Ballet Slippers”, it tastes pretty delicious and so it doesn’t wear long on me, but I think the color is sweet, though not my favorite ELF product. If you’re close to $15 and don’t know what to buy, they also have makeup brushes and makeup remover wipes (which rule when you’re like UGH it’s late I’m not taking off my freaking makeup I need to sleep NOW–oh wait I can use these wipey things and then I’m done).



Image is of a promotion for an Ulta sale. It reads: Buy 2 get 2 free, Ulta cosmetics, brushes, beauty tools, implements, suncare, haircare, bath, smoothies, anti-bacterial, and candles.


Image is of a coupon for Ulta. It reads: 20% off any one item*, valid in-store and online through 5/26/12, use online coupon code 75851, only one coupon may be used per order, print store coupon (asterisk is not defined).

20% off with coupon code 75851


Ulta is a beauty store chain (another one we don’t have in Vermont) but again, I’ve ordered from them online before. This sale is a glorious “buy 2 get 2” special, meaning for some items you can get sick deals (4 lipsticks for $8). You don’t have to buy the same items, so you can get a lipstick, a blush, a eyeliner, and an eyelash curler and the deal won’t care–the cheapest 2 qualifying items become free. The bad news is I am not sure how long it’s going on for (but most of these types last through the month). You can also use a coupon code 75851 on your order to get 20% one single item. Anyway, Happy Mother’s Day!



Image is a stock photo of an Ulta lipstick, in a shade of red.

Ulta Lipstick

As I mentioned their buy 2 get 2 rules here. Lipstick is usually $8 (never bought one before), but now they’re half off and b2g2. That’s like 4 for 1. The user ratings for this on their site are a 3.9/5 which isn’t bad considering a lot of people downrate just because they picked a color that didn’t look good on them. I have added these to my basket.











Image is a stock photo of Ulta cheek stain in a purplish red.

Ulta Extreme Wear Cheek Stain

I’m not sure you’d want to actually buy 4 of these, but at $5 they’re pretty cheap, and you can easily find something else to get for free. These have no user ratings yet, as I think they’re pretty new. If you’ve tried them let me know what you think. These could be a dupe for Tarte’s Cheek Stains.











Image is a stock photo of Ulta eyeshadow, in a teal color.

Ulta Eyeshadow

Most of the eyeshadows I own are from Urban Decay, which rules because they have good stuff but they’re very expensive. I wanted to try the Ulta brand eyeshadow for a while now, but never had incentive. These have a 4.1/5 user rating on the site, and I am pleased to say these are added to my cart. Four for $6? Yes, please.










Image is a stock photo of the Summer Fun Ulta Beauty Basket showing a collection of beauty samples and products available in the set.

Free Ulta Beauty Basket

So if you take full advantage of the Ulta sale, you may wind up with a ton of purchases. If the amount you buy is $35+ you get a free gift basket. There are two to choose from (but I think the Summer Sun Fun Beauty Bag is the better buy), and there’s no code to enter (just put it in your basket–but be warned, if you DON’T buy $35+ worth of stuff the item “costs” $25). This should also work with their free shipping on purchases of $50 or more if you end up going full blitz on your purchasing.







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  1. Lisa Says:

    I’ve seen Elf at Kmart in so. Burlington.


  2. Tiffany Martin Says:

    I did not know that! Sweeeet! Thanks for that tip, Lisa.


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