Image is of a young, battered Lara Croft with a bow slung over her and tying a bandage on her upper arm using her teeth to tighten the bandage. She is dirty, bruised, and the background is bleak and foggy.There’s a lot of talk right now in the videogame community about reactions to the Tomb Raider reboot trailer seen at E3. It’s especially interesting because it intersects with the topic of women in games (in their portrayal, development, and stories as well as some meta concepts). I was reading some of the predictable responses with extreme boredom, until I got to the Escapist Magazine’s op-ed by Susan Arendt. Read more…

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Dated: 15th June 2012
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Image shows about a dozen female characters from videogames. Both new and old games, and major and minor characters are shown. The image is titled, Tropes vs Women: Video GamesI think it was about a year ago when a wild friend appeared on my facebook and shared with me the first of many of Anita Sarkeesian’s videos that I would watch. The video explained the “Bechdel Test”, which is simple test to see how women are included in storytelling. It was an opportune time in my life to watch the video because I was trying to understand feminism, a philosophy that I honestly had trouble getting behind. And yeah, I’m a woman (doesn’t that auto-include me for understanding women’s roles? No, it does not), but back then, I just thought feminism was about how other people personally interacted with women, and if they intended to be dominant over my gender or not. This bar was set to an impossible definition so that in truth, I would never have thought I had encountered “sexism” as I had defined it back then; I thought women who were feminists were just mad for no logical reason. Read more…

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Dated: 8th June 2012
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Haunts: The Manse MacabreGuys, by now you’ve likely noticed I seem to be fascinated by gothy/horror/grimdark/dystopia settings in games. The truth is I love dark themes. “WTF?” you might say, while looking at a pink page full of ladythings. Indeed, I too love ladythings. Now’s the time to get over your bizarre prejudices, because I love both.

Haunts: The Manse Macabre caught my attention with its striking black-and-white artwork. Their title page looks like it’d make a terrific boardgame, amirite? Further inspection uncovered a well-thought-out project with turn-based, story-driven gameplay. You can play as either the “Intruders” (those exploring Tyree Manse) or the “Denizens” (those who lived/died there) as your strategy RPG around the old, haunted manse. Read more…

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Dated: 2nd June 2012
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