Censored and banned all over the place when it was released for the PC in 1997 (and not just based on this amazing cover art) Carmageddon still managed to wow gamer audiences and drove itself into sequel: Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now.

Now I’m not just impressed by a game’s controversy. If you’ve actually played Carmageddon (please not on the N64) you know its glory. This game is just so good. I mean, you can run over people, you can do sweet tricks with the various ramps, you can race like a care bear and try not to die trying to place first, or you can just try to kill your opponents. In C2 you can make all the people have really huge heads. It’s magic. Read more…

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Roguelike mating call

You punks reading this who already know what Roguelikes are will smugly state “But I need not read such history, for the genre is eponymous; that is, it was named for the first game of this type, and that game was Rogue.” Smuggery be damned because you’re only half right. While the genre truly was named for Rogue (and a popular game it was) it was not the first.
Generally, a Roguelike is defined by some pretty specific stuff, but as for me, I’d call a game roguelike if it met a general feel or enough boxes on a list. It’s best if we make such a list, don’t you think? Read more…

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According to Wikipedia, in ancient Germany (1950s) a German dermatologist named Dr. Christine Schrammek first created the formula which was used to treat skin after surgery and lasers (I picture this differently than reality does I’m sure), but the idea was to cover and treat wounds while they healed. In the 1980s South Korea and Japan were introduced to this cream and it went viral, now basically everyone in Asian cinema is glowing like wow from it and making us all jealous.
You should also know that “BB” is not a brand name. It is usually said to mean “Blemish Balm” (but this word is trademarked in South Korea) so “Beblash Balm” is substituted. Here in the west, people generally just decide that BB means “Beauty Balm” and that’s what they go with.
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