image is a stock photo of a large color palette of 88 different shades by the brand coastal scents.If you’ve been around beauty blogs, vlogs, or anyone who buys budget beauty products you’ve likely heard of Coastal Scents. The company is well-known for HUGE palettes of eyeshadow, lipstick, and blushes for cheap, and tons of women swear by them! Their products are priced nicely and if you’re curious to try them now is a great time to check them out because there’s a great deal on Livingsocial (a deals site that I like) that lets you get $25 worth of Coastal Scents for only $12. A lot of their items are on sale right now which rules but don’t forget that this $25 for $12 coupon deal is only on for one day, so don’t miss it (after you buy your coupon you have until March 1, 2013 to use the promotional value, and the paid value never expires).
I know you don’t love me or anything but the link below is a referral link that means if 3 people use it to buy this deal I get the deal for free (you also get such a link for you to share if you buy the deal too). It’d be really nice of you to use the link if you already want the deal, but that’s definitely not why I’m posting it. I’ve never tried Coastal Scents, and this is a great time to give it a run and review some products. I’m still deciding what to try!

Here’s the link to the one day Livingsocial deal:

***EDIT: My goodness you guys. My referral link is tapped out so I’ve added the link of a friendly redditor instead. Thank you guys!***

Here’s the link to the one-day Livingsocial deal (courtesy of redditor “orata”)
***EDIT: Our power is great! Orata’s referral link is dead. Here’s a couple more from friendly redditors.***

I am not affiliated with Coastal Scents or LivingSocial, nor did anyone from them tell me about this deal, incentivize me in any way or ask me to promote them. In fact, I have no idea if I like their stuff or not, but I’ve wanted to try their products for a while and now’s my chance. (I love deals and budget beauty!)
Here are some of the products I’m deciding on:

Image is a stock photo of an eyeshadow palette by the company Coastal Scents. It is 12-color palette in light colors.


GoPalette: “Nuuk” Eyeshadow Palette $8.95


Image is a stock photo of coastal scents 32 color lip palette.


32 Color Lip Palette $18.95 $10.42 right now


Image is a stock photo of coastal scents 66 color lip palette.


66 Color Lip Palette $18.95 $10.42 right now


Image is a stock photo of coastal scents 88 color original eyeshadow palette


88 Color Original Eyeshadow Palette $18.95 $10.42 right now


Image is a stock photo of coastal scents warm eyeshadow palette, colors are neutrals, highlights and shadows


Warm Eyeshadow Palette $24.95 $14.97 right now

Are any of these exciting? Tried any? Love em? If you get this deal let me know what you haul! 

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5 Responses to “Coastal Scents Deal, $12 for $25! One day Livingsocial coupon deal! (9/12/2012)”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I just bought one of the coupons through your referral code πŸ™‚


    Tiffany Martin Reply:

    Awesome, Rachel! You should post your referral code here too (: The deal is still on and I can add it to my post, maybe it will help you out?


  2. Megan Says:

    I’m so sad that I missed this event πŸ™ I have really wanted to try their products. Though I’m not sure they would ship to Canada anyway. Please make sure to review what you order! πŸ™‚


    Tiffany Martin Reply:

    That sucks, but I do think they ship everywhere.

    I considered this issue and I’ve since (I think) fixed the RSS options, so if you want to subscribe it should work now (you can do this through the RSS or email). Sorry that took so long!


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