Image is a picture of an old man wearing a top hat, glasses, and a nice suit with a gesture and expression indicating that he is about to tell someone off. He looks particularly cranky.Most of us are living pretty stressfully. From what I understand about stress, adding more unnecessarily isn’t very helpful, and can even cause people turn to Scientology. So why don’t we just put a stop to the unnecessary stuff? It’s so simple, I didn’t even have to think very hard to come up with that. Well, it seems like this might be a bit more complicated. We don’t always know what’s unnecessary, we don’t always know what to do instead, and even worse, we have less willpower due to stress to deal with crap like “being less stressed.”
Hey, don’t worry guys, I got your back here.
I’ve found a big mistake that we all make, and we don’t realize how bad it screws us over. It’s called guessing. You may say, “I know what you mean, that whole ‘Assumption’ thing and soforth, I am so very aware of this already, and nevermind you and your observations.” But you know what? You’d be wrong. Most of us make guesses about things we don’t even realize are guesses. Let me attempt an illustration of that for you. Read more…

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Dated: 17th May 2012
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This mess all started when I got addicted to the Playfish game Restaurant City which yes, is a facebook application. I recall compiling games for an article (which I think turned into a handful of blurbs but I don’t remember) for the now defunct Computer Games Magazine and I wish I could find it but
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Dated: 30th September 2009
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