Image is a photo of the full size tub of the body shop mango body butter. It's an orange tub with a large mango graphic covering almost the entire package, a small body shop logo is in the center.


Hey lovelies! I have to say it’s great to be able to post so often ^_^ I’ve been feeling a bit better so I’m using the extra energy to be productive.

We all know I bought mongo amounts of products from The Body Shop recently (if you don’t know, check out my haul here). Although I got something on the order of a $188USD discount I still hadn’t reviewed a SINGLE thing! I’ve had my products long enough to try them out well, and I’m going to begin by telling you about the Mango Body Butter!

Image is a photo of two mango body body butters from the body shop, each a different size. The full size on the left and the mini on the right. The image has text under each. Under the full size the text reads: Big Girl Size; under the mini it reads: mini. They are slightly different shades of orange, and the graphics are different, but both feature mango graphics.


The first purchase of the Mango Body Butter was actually a few months back when I picked up a mini to try out. It smelled so good but I didn’t want to blow $19 on a product if it didn’t work well, or if it broke me out (yep, body acne is the worst!). The mini product went FAST, so when I started my haul I decided it was time to grab the Big Girl size.

So first you already know I love the smell, it’s the most amazing scent and MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE BODY SHOP SCENT. It doesn’t smell the same in all versions of the Mango products (the body scrub, the lotion, etc), and to me the body butter is the best smelling of the Mango line. As for other favorite Body Shop product smells, I like limited edition Cranberry, and many of the Strawberry line. Remember folks, I’m biased against flower scents so keep that in mind.

Image is a photo of a finger with a swatch of mango body butter on it to show texture and color of the product. It is truly like butter, though it is more orange in color. The texture is silky and  smooth.

To me this is a fantastic product, does a pretty good job of making my skin softer, and after putting it on my skin feels moist which is important in this dry Vermont wintertime. I’m not sure the formula is strong enough to justify buying it over cheaper body butters but for me it is because it doubles as a scent. I’ll literally put it on just to smell good for a few hours, to cheer myself up and enjoy having a lifted mood for a bit.

Water, Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Butter, Glycerin, Cyclomethicone, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Lanolin Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Xanthan Gum, Benzyl Alcohol, Disodium EDTA, Hexyl Cinnamal, Linalool, Amyl Cinnamal, Benzyl Benzoate, Limonene, Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide, Citral, Eugenol, Farnesol, Geraniol, Citronellol, Annatto.


The Good

  • Smells the best out of any of The Body Shop’s current selection of body butters
  • Doubles as a body scent, especially if you can’t do perfumes. It’s mild but warms the heart just a bit.
  • Does NOT break me out! In fact, I think it helps my acne heal because of the moisture effect.
  • Works as a body butter too, for some reason.


The Bad

  • While pretty affordable, in this economy $19USD can be a lot to pay for a body butter. You could do what I did and wait for a sale before loading up.
  • It does work, but it’s not ZUPER FANTAZTIQUE enough to outperform cheaper body butters.
  • Comes in an unhygienic jar. I’m always worried about contaminating it with my gross human hands. Thankfully it uses safe and powerful preservatives otherwise it’d make me break out.


Bottom line: I love it. It’s one of my FAVORITE products from The Body Shop BAR NONE. Seriously you guys if you could all smell it you’d be in love with it and want to buy it flowers. Would I recommend it? YES, I’ve even bought it to give as gifts. If the price doesn’t scare you try it out!

Have you tried it? If so what do you think? Does it smell good to you?

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Image is a photo os 3 products in front of an open box with some marketing materials. All are displayed neatly. The three products are all hair care from It factor, 2 are in tubes one is a pump. All three are very cute pink packaging with a apple-green circle with the brandname, and embellished with white filigree vector art.


One day, out of nowhere, I received a very nice email from a nice company, but one I’d never heard of before, It Factor:

I came across your blog and was wondering – do you review salon products? I work with a company called IT Factor and its products are available in salons in Vermont. Is that the kind of thing you might be interested in?

It’s called Simply It Quick Blowdry Smoothing Lotion. It lets you condition and style with hold, reduce drying time and smooth both wet or dry hair using just one product.

See? Isn’t that nice? They even knew I was from Vermont! So I replied with something along the lines of “Yes, I’m a total hair junkie, and a quick blowdry is on my list of things to sell firstborn children to get.” They have been very patient considering we first starting communicating in October (but guys, I have a pretty serious illness so I’m not a lazyface), and they sent me a seriously generous package with the full line of the Medium to Coarse hair products (shampoo, conditioner, smoothing lotion). They do have another line made just for Fine hair.

Image is a photo of a pink card that is part of the marketing package sent by It Factor. A finger is pointing to a hilarious pun that reads: You'll be blown away!
Also readers, by now you KNOW I love a good pun

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image is a photo of a manicured hand holding an opened package of the My Beauty Diary Bird's Nest sheet mask. The packaging is cream colored with silver Edible Nest Swiftlet silhouettes and Chinese characters as well as the English product name.


Today I’ll be reviewing the My Beauty Diary Bird’s Nest mask (learn more about sheet masks and My Beauty Diary here). Right now you might be saying “Bird’s Nest?!! Asia, what the fuck?” but before you flip out let’s learn more about it.

One of the largest consumers of bird’s nest products is mainland China, the nests being used to make soups, beauty products, and PROFIT. Male edible nest swiftlets (aerodramus fuciphagus, similar to swallows) produce the nests using their saliva. The nests take 35 days to create, and workers are specially trained in climbing and extraction, only taking part of the nest so that the swiftlets can rebuild. After harvesting the nests, they are painstakingly cleaned strand by strand to remove anything that is impure. As you can see they’re difficult to produce, and therefore very expensive. Even just a handful of bird’s nest can run about US $100! A figure I discovered here puts the Malaysian production of bird’s nests at US $1.59 billion, and other countries also produce bird’s nest, notably Thailand and Indonesia.

Image is a photo by Paul B. Jones of swiftlets and their nests on cave walls. The birds are dark grey and light grey, they're similar-looking to swallows, and their nests are white flecked with grey, possibly feathers.
Adorable swiftlets! Producers house swiftlets in caves (like these) and buildings.
(Photo by Paul B Jones)


Bird’s nest is considered one of the “four great youth tonics” in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and the wealthy elite during dynastic times would eat bird’s nest soup daily to keep their skin healthy and young. Today, bird’s nest is said to benefit the skin and is used worldwide for that purpose. It’s a strong symbol of luxury, and due to the building’s shape China’s Beijing National Stadium (2008 Summer Olympics) is nicknamed “The Bird’s Nest”.
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Image is a photo of the baviphat apple ac therapy sleeping pack. It has a cute, red, apple-shaped container and a tiny spoon is pictured next to it. The photo has words added, they read: Should I call you HONEYPOT? SUGARBUNS? KEWPIE? Well, no matter what, you'll still be, the apple of my eye.

I bought my Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping pack during my Imomoko Haul a few months ago, so I’ve had a good amount of time to try it out. “AC” Refers to Acne Control, so that means I would guess that the product is for acne skin, though I’m not 100% sure what it claims to do as I don’t read Korean.

I have to say, at first, it was super magic good. It ensmoothened my face, made my skin glow, and smelled magnificent. You guys, this could be one of my favorite smells in history, right up there with campfire, Body Shop mango body butter, and pizza. I think because it’s in a jar, and I was lazy and used my hands, that the product got a little contaminated with germs or something, because I think it started to clog me up more recently. It comes with a tiny and cute little spoon so you don’t have to put your filth-hands in, but my filth-hands went in anyway. Sorry I’m so gross you guys.
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Image is a photo of 10 products, each one is numbered. 1 is Softsoap body butter coconut scrub, 2 is softsoap body butter strawberry smoother, 3 is freeman feeling beautiful clay mask, 4 is freeman feeling beautiful peel-off mask, 5 is sinful colors nail polish in glass pink, 6 is sally hansen diamond strength nail polish in wedding crasher, 7 is wet n wild lipstick in fuchsia with blue pearl, 8 is wet n wild nail polish in white, 9 is wet n wild nail polish in black, and 10 is revlon nail art stencils in bows.Today I’ll share with you some goods I purchased recently from Walgreen’s drugstore. I shop anywhere I think I can buy good products, and this time I wanted to check out what Walgreen’s had. This was my first time in a Walgreen’s, actually, and I found it to have a good selection, about what you’d expect at any drugstore. I bought these products almost a month ago, so I’ve had a chance to try most of them out, so I’ll also be including my first impressions of many of the products. As always, note my special circumstances that may affect reviews or impressions of products, they may affect my opinions. Even better, you may share some of my circumstances! Read more…

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