It’s been a while everyone! Normally if I don’t post it’s because I’m too sick, but this month I’ve been helping organize for a local gaming group (The Vermont Gaming Community). All April long we’ve had Boardgame nights on Thursdays from 5-11pm, and it’s a lot of work, so I had to set aside blogging for a bit until I regained the balance. It’s starting to get simpler to set up and I can get back to writing ^_^ Thanks to Lyme I have to pick and choose between goals, but I’m glad that I get to do this and work with people in the community!

game night red dragon inn
Red Dragon Inn, high fantasy drinking game simulator.
In my opinion, it’s more fun than the real thing.
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Okay, you guys totally know I’m obsessed with cute things, right? And if you ask me, Sanrio makes the cutest of the cute. Hello Kitty, naturally being one of my faves, has been all over the place lately. Usually I can’t find anything outside of little girl’s departments but recently I found a lot of Hello Kitty at Michael’s (which is a craft store). How bizarre, right?? Check out what I found!!

Image is a photo of a pale hand with a hello kitty temporary tattoo. The image has words and heart shapes added. The words read: Hello Cutie
I wore this on Valentine’s day.
It’s a temporary tattoo I got in a pack of Valentine’s day cards that were on sale!

Image is a photo of a pink gred and white box housing four adorable hello kitty 10oz glasses each one is a different design. The image has words added that read: Cute glass set
Aren’t these glasses awesome?
Only sucky thing is the pictures are not dishwasher safe >_<     Image is a photo of the back of the hello kitty 10oz glasses box. It is pink red and white with a strawberry theme and polka dots in white. The back shows a picture of each of the glass's images. There is text added to the photo that reads: Back of box
The back of the box!
It’s too cute not to show you, plus it has a good photo of all the glass’ designs

Image is a photo of a haul of many items from Michael's craft store. Included are a hello kitty journal in pink, a white journal with a heart and crown that has love written on it, a black space invaders beanie with multi-colored space invaders, two spools of ribbon: one is brown with pink heart outlines and one is pink with silver hello kitty faces, a pink pack of hello kitty crayons in cute colors, a pink pack of hello kitty playing cards, two packs of hello kitty cotton candy: one blue one pink, a set of hello kitty stickers, a pack of flower and mint colored gift labels, and 3 sets of 6 black space invaders pins with different colors on them. Text added to the picture reads: ok, not hello kitty but still cool. Items that are not hello kitty are marked.
I can’t believe Michael’s Craft store had so much awesome stuff!

  • 2 Journals, one white with heart and crown, and one Pink HK one
  • 2 HK cotton candy, one blue one pink (gave one as a gift)
  • Space Invader beanie (gifted). Did you ever play this game? It was so good back in the day)
  • 2 Ribbon spools, one is brown with pink heart outlines, one is pink with silver HK faces
  • HK crayon set (gifted) with cute color crayons.
  • HK playing cards. These are so cute you guys, they’re pink cards!
  • Non-HK cute gift labels, mint and white with pink flowers
  • HK stickers (gifted), these are nice glittery gold ones. Each one is different!
  • Space Invader pins (3 sets of 6) I used these to identify leaders during a game event I ran last month. We had a PC LAN, board games (dozens!!), PS3, 360, WII, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon Card Game, and lots of food! About 70 people came so I had to keep it organized ^_^


Image is loaded with the same items as the last, but this time only the hello kitty items are in it.
This is everything from the first picture that is HK only. See how cute? I feel so lucky!

What’s your favorite item from the haul?
Do you have any of these?
Do you like Sanrio characters? If so, who’s your favorite?

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Hey guys. I’ve finally reached the max dosage for my Lyme disease medication (read about my struggle with Lyme here), so I haven’t been feeling too good lately, and with the holidays, well, there hasn’t been a lot of updating from me, has there? For those of you who follow me on Facebook I’ve been posting deals from the Good Old Games sale and the Steam sale (videogames), plus any awesome beauty sales I find (!). If you’re not following on FB, consider it. I find the best deals a lot of people miss + you may see awesomeness. Fair warning ^_^


Holidays were good for me, I had a lot of Korean food (my favorite!) which is TOTALLY not allowed considering my strict requirements. Doctors orders: I have to eat a very careful diet, you guys would not believe how boring it is, lol. I can’t eat at restaurants and no one makes compatible food so I have to bring food with me. Usually I’m good, but I have no resistance against delicious Korean foods (ddukbokki, kimchi, japchae, bulgogi, ermagherd so gerd!!). Perhaps then it’s a good thing that we don’t have Korean restaurants in Vermont, if we did I’d fail at my diet and get so sick!

Though mostly I’ve been too sick to play a lot of games, the ones I’ve spent the most hours on recently are Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility (Wii), and I just got The Sims 3 (PC) during the Steam flash sale. I’ve also been rocking Fortune Summoners Secret of the Elemental Stone (PC), which is unusual because I’m not typically into platformers, and they’re difficult due to my hands sucking at anything hands are supposed to do (like opening jars, writing legibly, holding objects, or jumping on shit missions in games). I’d say I enjoy all of these games so far, and yeah none are super hip roguelikes but I’ve been too sick, my brain can’t rogue. Every time I play I get Yet Another Stupid Death (YASD) because I can’t focus. So I’ve been playing more casual stuff for now.
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Cute Diggle PlushieBy now everyone knows how much fun I think Dungeons of Dredmor is. Those of you wanting reviews, I plan to do one once the Conquest of the Wizardlands expansion is patched. If you’re new here, I may have established that I’m pretty good at DoD when I murdered Lord Dredmor in an absurdly difficult way, and after doing so there were some events to follow that would lead to me finding a lot of great people in the game community (and having a whole new appreciation for the developer). Among the communities I found were the folks over at /r/Dredmor on Reddit. They started up a weekly Dredmor Challenge which I recently participated in and won (it was close!) So that means this week I get to make the new Reddit Dredmor Challenge! You can see the details here on Reddit/r/Dredmor. If you’re new to Reddit/terrifed of Reddit I’ve reposted the contest here as well so you can participate. (I’ll just post your scores on Reddit for you, either comment here or email me at Read more…

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Image is of a badge in the center is a Hang Loose symbol and the outside is decorated with olive leaves and gold stars. The Badge reads: Declared Awesome
I’m about to tell you a story about videogames, kitchens, and internet forums that has a happy ending. Stop laughing, I’m serious.
What happened here has never happened to me before in my life, or to any other woman I have ever heard of, so listen up. Listen well all of you. If you’re a Game Dev or you moderate an internet community, or you’re a bunch of women who know how this usually plays out–no matter who the hell you are I promise you that you’ve never seen this before. Read more…

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