Hey guys, I haven’t been feeling so hot lately. In my last update I was doing rather well, but now my meds are different and stronger, so I’ve been weak and in pain again. With the meds I take, that’s a good thing because it will kill the Lyme, but because of feeling crappy I’ve had to scale back again and make sacrifices. Fewer game nights, more lying in bed watching K-Dramas, more kitty snuggles, slower blog posts. It sucks you know?

But here’s some good news, and it came at such a perfect time because I had been feeling like butts.

You probably already know I created a community on reddit (/r/asianbeauty), heck maybe you’re even a part of it. Usually we chit-chat about different skincare and makeup we love, and talk about products we bought or what we want to buy. I mentioned that I wanted to try the Skin79 Snail BB Cream, and a fellow redditor offered to send me some samples. I asked if she’d like me to send her anything, and she was like: No man, I’m good. What a sweetheart <3   Well, I had forgotten all about it, what with everything going on.   And then MAGICALLY this package with a lovely thank you card appeared in my mailbox:


Simone kindness 01

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Dated: 28th May 2013
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It’s been a while everyone! Normally if I don’t post it’s because I’m too sick, but this month I’ve been helping organize for a local gaming group (The Vermont Gaming Community). All April long we’ve had Boardgame nights on Thursdays from 5-11pm, and it’s a lot of work, so I had to set aside blogging for a bit until I regained the balance. It’s starting to get simpler to set up and I can get back to writing ^_^ Thanks to Lyme I have to pick and choose between goals, but I’m glad that I get to do this and work with people in the community!

game night red dragon inn
Red Dragon Inn, high fantasy drinking game simulator.
In my opinion, it’s more fun than the real thing.
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Hey guys, I’m so excited to share with you my latest haul, from the Land of the Rising Sun: Japan!! I didn’t go myself (I wish!) but a friend of mine was visiting Japan and offered to pick up a few things for me, how fortunate, right?!

Granted, I was *supposed* to be on a no-buy, but it’s not every day I can ask a friend to walk into a shop in Japan and pick up some things for me. I gave him a budget of around 5000 Yen (~$53 USD) and a few specifications. I didn’t feel too picky because no matter what he bought I was sure I’d like it (if not, I could trade it). I was not disappointed!

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Okay, I know it’s April, but this is so cool, I’m still going to share it with ya!

Guys, you’re probably thinking: “What the heck is Influenster?” I found it because a fellow blogger posted that they got a box of new products through Influenster and it looked like it was full of awesome. Influenster is an invitation-only social media site, they have partnerships with different brands, and they provide an environment for reviews and also to promote brands.

One thing they are becoming known for is their “VoxBox” program, where they send members who qualify a box full of products from some of their brand partners. At first, I thought this site was going to be gimmick hell, and I didn’t sign up right away. But after seeing my friend (a small blogger!) was still able to get a Voxbox I did join the site. I found it easy to navigate, and fun to use. I even posted a couple of mini-reviews and read some reviews posted by other members.
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Today, I can share with you what I’ve learned from trying out Holika Holika’s Peach Girl BB Cream (shade #01). This one is a little harder to find for some reason, and I think I picked mine up on eBay. It comes in two shades and I got the lighter shade because typically when you’re wall-paint pale like me, you need to.

Image is a photo of the packaging for the holika holika bb cream. There is a box and a squeeze tube. Both packages are pink with a girly theme. The box features art of a cute girl in a peach color, and holographic lettering. The same girl appears on the tube.
Here’s what the packaging looks like.
It’s so cute, amirite?

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Dated: 25th March 2013
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