A while back, I explained roguelikes here on Cake-pie, and one of the titles I mentioned was Dungeons of Dredmor (it was also on sale a few times). This morning at 4:26am “Carl Sagan” and I beat it on the hardest setting, and with a random skill build (the computer picks 7 random skills for you). That means that when I created the character, I left my entire chances to win to the computer to decide at random. Dungeons of Dredmor has clever names for everything, so before going ahead let me define some settings for clarity.

Image is of the settings menu from the game Dungeons of Dredmor. It displays options, each one can be checked or unchecked. The first selection allows you to check one of the following: Elvishly Easy, Dwarven Moderation, or Going Rogue. The second selection allows you to check or uncheck Permadeath which is explained to mean that there is no reloading after death. The third selections allows you to check or uncheck No Time to Grind which has an explanation that there are smaller floors but the same experience. The last selection is for the expansion Realm of the Diggle Gods and it is explained dig deeper, more greedily, 15 dungeon levels. In this image the purpose is to show that the player has checked Going Rogue, with Permadeath, No Time To Grind, and Realm of the Diggle Gods enabled.


Dungeons of Dredmor has three difficulty settings:

  • Elvishly Easy                              Easy
  • Dwarvish Moderation                  Medium
  • Going Rogue                              Hard

In each setting, you can toggle the “Permadeath” mode.
As I explained in my roguelike article, permadeath means that when you die, you’re dead. If you saved the game at any point, your save game is deleted. You cannot return to life. BALEETED.

No Time To Grind?
You can decide whether or not you want to play large, grind-heavy levels (more chance for loot and special rooms), or smaller levels (game is adjusted so levels and xp make sense).

There are two official expansions: Realm of the Diggle Gods (adds 5 more levels to the dungeon, just to be jerks), and You Have to Name the Expansion Pack. There is a considerable modding community as well.

Here are the details of my ascension:

The image is a screenshot of text from a high score list of a winning Dungeons of Dredmor game. The text reads: Carl Sagan the Adventurer Vanquished Lord Dredmor! 2,171,920

Carl Sagan the adventurer 2,171,920 points Yep, this is what I named my female character.
Vanquished Lord Dredmor! He’s hard to kill!

Big Game Hunter
Fungal Arts (No link because since the nerf no wiki is up to date on it yet)
Blood Magic (Note that with this build, Blood Magic is completely useless, because nothing else is a mana-dependent skill whatsoever. One of the perils of randomly generated skills)
Master of Arms
Dual Wielding

Going Rogue
Realm of the Diggle Gods
No Time to Grind


Achievement: I Can't Believe That Worked!
(Click this to make it bigger)

Achievement: Left for Dread
(Make it bigger with a click!)



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15 Responses to “Beating Dungeons of Dredmor on Going Rogue (hard) with Permadeath, and a Random Build”

  1. Porter Says:

    That’s some pretty awesome playing, you total badass.


    Tiffany Martin Reply:

    Thanks, Porter. Do you play Dredmor?


  2. Jordan Church Says:

    I think the random skill build is by far the most impressive thing and it shows the biggest difference between our play styles. I basically suicide rush through roguelikes until I get lucky enough to have some awesome items at the beginning then I am careful… You seem to be able to just beat it with ANYONE. Impressive.


    Tiffany Martin Reply:

    That’s pretty high praise, and though I can ascend a lot of rogues no matter what I start with, there are DEFINITELY bad builds in Dredmor that lead only to tears.

    In your style of play you can’t count skill out completely, it’s not like if you just play it enough times you could accidentally win, like some kind of dungeon-crawling monkey.


  3. David Baumgart Says:

    Congrats on beating Dredmor! Gaslamp Games salutes you.

    Well; at least a third of it does.

    (Now with the Wizardlands expansion coming tomorrow, let’s see you try beating Vlad Digula in the darkest depths of Diggle Hell! … Obligatory flogging of product is now concluded.)


    Tiffany Martin Reply:

    Thanks for stopping by to personally congratulate me. I’m sure if the rest of Gaslamp Games knew how much of a total badass I was they’d want to marry me or ruin their lives sending me all the cake in the world; so I understand, we all need boundaries.

    As for the Wizardlands expansion and Vlad Digula? Challenge accepted.


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  6. The Ogre Says:

    A bit late, but congrats on the win.

    Approaching 800 hours of the game, personally, and I *still* haven’t won. 🙂 Never been past dungeon level 10, either, and only been there twice – once pre-expansion (Dredmor killed me in 2 hits) and once after. On Elvishly Easy both times.

    Oh, well. Someday. Maybe. 🙂


  7. Matt Says:

    Holly crap? That’s brilliant.. Made me wanna give it a go now.. Thanks


  8. kalirion Says:

    Great achievement! I’ve managed to get those two (Left for Dread and I Can’t Believe That Worked) separately, but can’t imagine doing them. How many attempts did it take you?

    I’d recommend ToME 4 for your next conquest if you haven’t done it yet. It’s quite a bit different from Dredmor while staying firmly in the same genre.

    And of course, for the ultimate badassary, how about the original Rogue: The Adventure Game? I give it a shot once in a while, but have never managed to make it below level 15 or so.


  9. Travesty Says:

    This is amazing. Seriously, way to go. But I have to ask: do you have any advice for the would-be Dredmor slayer? I think the furthest I’ve ever gotten in, even on Elvishly Easy, was level seven as a pure magician.


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  11. o0o Says:

    Nice work. Beating Fei’s Final Dungeon on Shiren The Wanderer (hardest monsters, permadeath, 99 floors) is my proudest gaming achievement. I need to try Dredmor.


  12. Osvaldo Says:

    I wanted to thank you for this great read!

    I absolutely enjoyed every bit of it. I have you saved as a favorite to check
    out new stuff you post…


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