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I know you’re all still playing Diablo 3 (myself included) but today the game is down for maintenance so I spent some time going through Steam cataloging some deals. Steam is a convenient portal for downloading and buying games because it always seems to have deals (and not just on crapware, but on games that you’ll want to play) and it’s a great way to get access to indy games. You can also friend other people (it’s linked to Facebook so you can find your friends) and then you can judge compare games and achievements with each other. I ask my friends about games they’ve played to see if they’re anything I want to try out, plus there’s a handy chat system so you can talk in real time. Chances are you already know all of this stuff, but I try to write for everyone here so that people who are not experts can learn new stuff.
That said, here’s some sweet deals for you! ^_^
This is a game title image for the game Limbo and shows a grim, shadowy forest and a single little figure tenuously considering advancing through the single lighted path.

Limbo $3.99 until May 31, 2012 (Demo Available)
I first saw Limbo at PAX East #1 and I was captivated by it. Mads Wibroe showed me the game and I made a lot of “ahh-ing” noises. I’ve never played this one, so don’t consider this a recommendation from me, perhaps more of a fascination. Consider trying the demo if you don’t want to part with $4 (guys that’s an entire beer at most places, spend wisely). You should also know that games like this bring out the grimdark in you.
This is another game title image and shows the title Binding of Isaac. In the image a blobby child is lying on the ground in a fetal position crying, behind him are blobby, cartoonishly grotesque monsters.

Binding of Isaac $2.00 until June 2, 2012 (No Demo)
Speaking of grimdark, here’s your deliciously horrifying roguelike example. While this is a game I haven’t played yet, the price is right so I have no reason not to give it a whirl. If you’re old enough to remember Smash TV you can imagine how this game operates (no I haven’t played it but I have Google). Poor Isaac (with two A’s not two S’s, bro) and his woeful woes. Here’s the thing, the new expansion just came out and it’s also pretty cheap (regular price $2.99 so take your time deciding whether you need it or not). I plan to review this for you guys so look for that later on.
Game title image shows the title Dungeons of Dredmor, and below that you see a white male figure on a raised platform holding a sword pointed down in his right hand, and a wand unleashing fire in the left. Around him are cartoonish monsters and animals.

Dungeons of Dredmor $2.49 ($3.74 including expansion) unitl June 2, 2012 (No Demo)
Speaking of roguelikes, Dungeons of Dredmor (that’s how it’s spelled, guys) is on sale too. With the expansion you get a lot of potential hours where you can win at dying, and what’s more fun than that? I’ve played and beaten this (Dwarven Moderation; Permadeath) and I plan to review it for everyone, plus a rundown of my favorite skills I use to ascend. In the meantime, give it a try. If it’s your first roguelike it’s perfect to learn on because it has animated graphics rather than tilesets or ASCII making it easier to interact with, and the gameplay is straightforward but classically roguelike. Veterans can enjoy it too, plus DoD is loaded with lighthearted in-jokes.
Game title image shows the word Braid in the center and slightly above the image of a bridge in silhouette and in the background a roughly painted cityscape.Braid $2.50 until June 2, 2012 (Demo Available)
If you’re late to the party on this it’s no problem; Braid is so cheap right now you can start the party up again. It was an acclaimed indy game that spotlighted to the casual consumer that indy games are awesome and worth it. It’s an action platformer, which is usually a nuisance for me (I hate “jumping-on-shit missions”), but here’s the twist: you control time. It’s wild, right? I’d like to also remark that Braid has an exceptional story, masterfully woven for your entertainment. My experience with this was on Xbox Live, so I’m looking forward to replaying it on the PC.
Game title image shows the words: Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble in the upper left quadrant of the image. In the foreground a nicely dressed young asian woman in 1920's attire is seen smoking a cigarette. In the background a young girl using a wheelchair wearing 1920's attire is seen among two other girls with their faces covered up by the title.Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble $4.99 until June 2, 2012 (No Demo)
I have a friend who is totally awesome and showed this to me. DHSGIT is just about the most commendably inclusive game I’ve ever seen, you have girls of different races, and one who has a handicap (as a person with a handicap it’s nice to see that!). It takes place in the 1920s, and your girls are changing society and fighting intolerance by being bad. There’s more but I’ll need to play it more before I can throw deets at you (Do you guys want to see a review?). Nonetheless, the price is very compelling for any of you who want to be bad girls.
While this is not in any way a comprehensive list, it’s a terrific bunch of games you should totally be excited to try for these bargain prices. Which have you played? Do you see any games on sale on Steam that you’d recommend?
My friend Richard pointed out this interesting sale going on all across platforms. If you want to check it out, the link for that is:
Because We May
The sale ends June 1st so check it out before then!!

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9 Responses to “Amazing deals on Steam (May 29, 2012)”

  1. Annelise Says:

    Oh man, I have been wanting to play Braid for a long time. Looks like I will be buying that.


    Tiffany Martin Reply:

    It’s $2.50! So cheap, lol. I got it for the achievments (j/k)


  2. Jordan Says:

    Speaking of judgement from your steam online friends, I had to stop playing Crusader Kings because of that. Be warned before you play on steam. Your friends can look at every minute you’ve plaaaayed.


    Tiffany Martin Reply:

    Oh man, there’s NO SHAME in having 119 hours played in Crusader Kings II. Especially if you’re writing a fanfic for your empire.

    Game of Thrones-ed!


  3. Joshua Says:

    I may have to buy one of these games next time I get access to high speed. I already have Dungeons of Dredmor on wishlist from that previous posting.

    Binding of Isaac just got an expansion that looks really nifty. But I’m so close to unlocking all of the items that I might hold off buying it until I’ve done that.

    Steam is also a good place to find interesting free to play games. I’ve been enjoying the heck out of Super MNC, even if it did take me over 20 hours to earn enough credits for my first pro (Combat Girl).


    Tiffany Martin Reply:

    Joshua, have you tried DC Universe Online? It’s FTP (but unfortunately an 18gig download–ouchums!) so I wasn’t sure if you tried that yet.

    (It’s not an endorsement for the game in any way, but I have some devious friends trying to get me hooked.)


  4. Gatherer Says:



  5. Joshua Says:

    I have tried DCU Online. I even went in for the Lightning DLC (also Batman for Legends PVP), though I haven’t played it much recently.

    Partially because I’m not online much and partially because of level 30 heroes interrupting my quests (I could switch to PVE easily but the other people I’ve been playing with wanted to go PVP).


  6. Rickshaw Jones Says:

    Another amazink deal for ze next 5 days:


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