Pictured is a close-up full face photo of white, female-appearing singer Yohio. He has white-blonde hair and blunt-cut bangs. He has lush eyelashes, blue eyes, and long hair that is both curly and straight.

While many of you struggle to make sense of this, most of my weeaboo readers will not be confused here. This is the beautiful visage of Yohio, a 16-year-old Swedish metal guitarist and singer. Also, you might notice he’s super pretty, but he’s not a girl. If you’re raised in a patriarchy, this will likely shock you. How can a boy be pretty? Our social constructions only leave room for FEMALES to be pretty! SHOCK, HORROR, OUTRAGE! Let’s all shout various stereotypical punishment words at his failure to follow our programmed gender expectations (which are rather arbitrary, but never mind that).
Yohio is hella blonde (just like yours truly) though I don’t know if he’s bleaching his to within an inch of his life like I am, haha. He wears decorative flowers in his hair, princess dresses reminiscent of Celes in the opera house, sings in a low voice, in a foreign language, and rips on the guitar. This combination is most likely to stir the internet into fits of predictable, tired, haterade: “Fag”, “He thinks he’s Japanese”, and whatever else is cool to say on 4chan.

This is a photo of Yohio playing guitar. He is female appearing, wearing a renaissance-style dress, and his long blonde hair is in a disheveled updo. Wisps of hair dance about his face as he looks at his guitar.
The Real Opera House You Never Knew About

While the Visual Kei style is nothing new to Japan, for example, it is quite novel to see it from Sweden. His guitar skills outshine his singing, but I am keeping in mind that he’s so young he has a long time to evolve his music. As for me, I love his style, and I fully endorse his attempts at music. Even though I’m not a big fan of his first release, you can’t deny that he can shred! Bands popular in Japan inspire fashion subcultures just like bands elsewhere; Lady Gaga, maybe you’re underachieving.
Check out his first release, what do you think of this guy?

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7 Responses to “Adorable Swedish Boy Wins at Flowers, Metal, and Japan”

  1. Gatherer Says:

    Harsh words about Gaga my friend.


  2. Gatherer Says:

    Also who’s raised in a patriarchy?


  3. Tiffany Martin Says:

    Don’t worry, I still love Gaga, she’s awesome (:

    Also who isn’t raised in a patriarchy?


  4. Jordan Says:



  5. Tiffany Martin Says:

    Amazons aren’t real.


  6. Megan Says:

    He might be the prettiest person I have ever seen in my life. He really does look like someone out of an anime though. I am so jealous! He has an incredible voice as well! I wish I knew what he was actually saying lol.


  7. Tiffany Martin Says:

    Megan, I think he’s terrific. If you watch the video on youtube you can click on “show more” in the details below the video and it shows the lyrics in English (and Japanese!) if that helps.



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