About me

Image is a photo of thecakepie writer Tiffany Martin. She is pale-skinned, her hair is bleached white blonde, she is seated in a dominant pose in her wheelchair. She's wearing a black dress shirt with a black corset overtop, yellow jeans, and knee-high vinyl boots.

Hi, I’m Tiffany Martin, and I’m from the Green Mountain State of Vermont (I love it here!). I’ve been writing and editing in games journalism since 2003. I was a contributing editor for Computer Games Magazine and Massive/MMO Games; A copy-editor for Now Playing and PC Gamer; a freelancer for escapistmagazine.com; a Staff writer for Kombo.com; and I’ve worn many other hats as needed. I’ve been to many E3s, a couple of PAXs, and I’ve met and interviewed many people in the games industry. My favorite genre is strategy/roguelikes, and I’m also a fan of tons of indie games, mainstream games, and games of all genres.

I’m also into hair, nails, skincare and cosmetics (especially Asian beauty products) and I know the overlap of people who are into both beauty and games is low right now, but I don’t think it has to be. I started a blog and made it my mission to write about both, and I do so without apology!

I wasn’t always a fan of beauty; I used to think that if I let myself enjoy beauty products that I was being shallow and bad (now I know that’s not true!). I was raised to avoid makeup and “be natural” but it wasn’t any fun and now I love cosmetic products. The thing is, like other hobbies beauty is a fun way to learn more and feel good, and I think some people just look down on it unfairly like I used to.

I’m a disabled person, which is not a defining part of who I am, but it does give me a perspective that some people find interesting. I have a severe case of Neuroborreliosis (Lyme Disease that has become neurological). I’m a part-time wheelchair user, walker user, cane user, and regular legs user. I’m not neurotypical. I take meds. I do regular stuff. I am a person first. I’d love to connect with other bloggers with disabilities, especially in the games and beauty communities.

My blog is a safe space for all persons and viewpoints. To keep it that way this blog is moderated and I will not approve comments that are valueless knee-jerking, thoughtless insults, harassment, bullying, linkspamming, proselytizing, or any other stupid crap unless it would be helpful for others to see it in some way. If you’re uncertain of whether or not a post you want to make constitutes this, please email me. I’m friendly and I’m not out to get you, and I encourage asking sincere questions.

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