About Site

Image is of a smiling pink pastry, it appears to have a shell like a pie, outside surface of a cake, and both fruit filling and cake layers. It is very cute and possibly delicious.
Cake and pie are two wonderful things that don’t usually go together but should! Like the metaphor, Cake-pie.com is a blog devoted to games, beauty, and life stuff. Learn more about kickstarters, roguelikes, and indy games while you read about Asian beauty, budget beauty, and some terrific subjects pertaining to life. This is a one-stop shop for info in a safe space for all people.
My specialty is in Roguelikes: a small, hardcore strategy subgenre but also complex and deep enough to write about forever; and indy/alterna gaming: stuff you’d find on Steam or Kongregate, sleeper hits, free-to-play (FTP), self-published, Kickstarter projects, and anything else on the fringe.
You’ll see detailed reviews on Asian cosmetics, bargain beauty, and alternative style. I’ll teach you what I learn, and with any luck it’ll save you time, money, and face.
This section may seem the broadest, most diverse, and possibly the most random, but that will keep it exciting, right? Indeed I suspect you’ll be surprised by the different solutions, but I’m sure you’ll find something here that solves problems you were having too.