Sana Nemeraka Isoflavone Soy Milk Facial Lotion Mask Review
Sana Nemeraka Isoflavone Soy Milk Facial Lotion Mask


Isn’t that a mouthful!

This is the third of the masks that were sent to me by, remember they sent me all of these masks? I still think it’s great because I get to try so many masks, and no one is paying me so I can say what I honestly think. Thank you again for the samples, James Lin!

I’ve heard of the brand Sana before, but never tried any masks from them. This particular one interested me because soy is supposed to be whitening, and I like to have bright skin. I know in my country (USA) “white” skin color is not as popular, because tan is considered more desirable. As for me, I don’t like to tan because I want my skin to stay young and tanning causes wrinkles. My country is in my opinion too rigid about skin color, I think all skin colors can be beautiful and I think we should all choose what color depth we want our natural skin to look, and we should all feel beautiful, light or dark.
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Dated: 7th October 2013
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Kracie Hadabisei 3D Aging Moisturizer Facial Mask


Hey guys! What’s this? Another review in like a week? I feel motivated and inspired to keep up blogging ^_^ I hope you like my reviews, here’s a new one today. It’s one of the masks I got from Efacemasks (how did that happen? read here). I have never tried any masks from Kracie before. They are a Japanese brand, and this particular line is called “3D” so it’s suppose to wrap around your neck a bit to help shape your V-line. A sharp and slender V-line is a sign of beauty in a lot of places in the world, but here in the US most people don’t consider any particular face shape to be ideal. Isn’t it interesting how beauty standards vary based on where you live?
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mj care green tea essence mask


Hey guys! I hope you read my update post yesterday talking about my new partnership with (as well as all of my health progress, WOOT~). Because of Efacemasks I’m able to bring you this review today; I’m so glad for this partnership because I can review more masks for you guys!

So my skin’s been a little stupid lately (hormones?) and it’s all gross and broken out. When looking through the sheet masks Efacemask sent me I wanted to try something that might help my acne. Green Tea marketing usually means anti-acne, so I decided to try the MJ Care Green Tea mask first (the packaging also says it’s “clearing”). I had two of them, which means I got to try it out twice, I got to know the mask better, and got to see how it performs over a couple of uses.
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I thought it’d probably be super lame to have ANOTHER post where I declare myself alive after a pause in updates, but gosh you guys I’m just so alive! In the past, I’ve posted slowly or taken breaks because Lyme Disease just kicks me too hard (read more about that here), but THIS time I’ve been taking a break because I’ve had SIGNIFICANT improvement.

I’m out doing a lot of things I’ve wanted to do for a long time ^_^

pic of two girls smiling and hanging out together.
Just me hanging out with friends and engaging with the human world

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Hey guys, I’m still feeling kinda cruddy over here. Stupid Lyme. The good news is, now I’m totally caught up on Game of Thrones just in time to prevent everyone from spoiling the latest episode (:

innisfree its real pomegranate sheet mask 1
Innisfree It’s Real Pomegranate Sheet Mask


When I’m feeling crappy I like to cheer myself up with a good dose of skincare pampering. I have nearly every sheet mask from the “Innisfree It’s Real” line and it’s about time I start getting through them! What’s cool is this time I took before and after shots. What a helpful tool that is! I always think when I try a sheet mask that they are either so-so or really great (because the results are SO OBVI and I don’t need pictures) but sometimes it’s not possible to notice a result without seeing it in pictures, and this is one case where that is true.
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